4 Easy Payments Plan

Instead of Paying Upfront, Pay with 4 Monthly Payments!

We've partnered with QuickFee financing to provide you with installment plans so that you can divide your bill into 4 monthly, payments! That way, you can get started on your patent or trademark in as little as one day! No matter your current funding level.


Patent and Trademark Financing with QuickFee

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Click on the "Get Started" Button

Step 2: Go through the quick Setup Process

Step 3: You'll be billed once per month for the next 4 months

QuickFee is a 3rd party lender. All loans that you receive from QuickFee will be handled by and paid back to QuickFee.

QuickFee will fund the loan, and you will receive all funds from QuickFee.  You may then use those funds to pay Miller IP Law for your patents, trademarks, etc. 

Miller IP Law is not a bank, nor do we do any 1st party loans.

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