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If you are a startup, small business, or a solo-inventor looking for a high quality & affordable patent or trademark, you've found the right place. We offer transparent and affordable options specifically designed for your business goals. Grab a strategy meeting to kick things off!

What Can A Strategy Meeting Do For You?

Tailor Your Strategy To YOUR Business & Industry

Don't Let Competitors Steal Your Livelihood

Don't Stay In The Dark

Sleep Easier Knowing Your Business Is Safe

Have All Of Your Questions Answered

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Flat Fees

At Miller IP Law, we offer affordable rates at a flat fee. That way, you know exactly how much your patent, trademark, or copyright is going to cost you right from the get-go. No more ambiguity!

We also offer a 4-month payment plan for just a one-time 3% processing fee. Don't leave your invention unprotected due to costs anymore.

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Our attorneys focus on the clients other large patent and trademark firms tend to ignore.

We know because our attorneys have worked for the large & prestigious firms before.

The other firms spend 85% of their time on their top few clients, 11% on lunch, and ONLY 4% on the hundreds of small businesses and startups that really need their help.

We were tired of watching smaller clients being taken advantage of.


So we found a better way to do things.


True, we do have large clients that love our low prices and flat fees, but we don't let them take up all of our time. We devote our focus where it is needed, not on who is the largest.

Our revolutionary way of doing things will allow you to know from the get-go 1) how much you will benefit from our services, and 2) how much they cost, leading you to make better informed decisions.

Schedule a Free Strategy Session, get a free legal consultation from one of our lawyers, and we promise, you will feel a difference.

SAVING YOU A Total Value of $8,100 PER PATENT

The average patent firm charges $8,100 more per patent in office fees than Miller IP Law. Meaning you save this money!

Total of $185,640,000 in Patent Portfolio Value

Based on industry averages, the total value of our clients' patent portfolios is roughly 185 Million USD.

Startups raising More Than $65.3 Million Capital

Our clients have gone onto raise more than $65.3 Million from investors having included patents filed by us.

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