Protected Stickers

It's true, these aren't just simple stickers that will help your product look more legitimate and ward off infringers.

There are three main benefits of prominently marking your packaging/products:



1) Discourage Competitors From Ripping You Off

By prominently displaying that your product is patented/trademarked, you'll be able to easily discourage others from stealing your branding, copying your products, or otherwise infringing on your rights.


2) Get More Money In Settlements

These stickers are designed to comply with the law so that your product is marked as legally "Patented", "Pending", or "Trademarked".

These stickers actually entitle you get more money in the event that someone does infringe on your patent or trademark.


3) Avoid Having Your Patent Limited/Revoked 

Improperly marking your product as "Patented", "Pending", or "Trademarked" can actually have serious consequences to the legal work you just paid so much for.

If you improperly mark your product, you can be sued or even have your patent/trademark revoked.

These stickers ensure that you won't mark anything improperly, as the markings were done by Miller IP Law.



How It Works

The key is the part at the bottom of the sticker.

Legally, if someone infringes on your patent, you're entitled to send cease and desists and pursue legal action. If you choose to pursue legal action and win your case, you're entitled to damages (money you could have lost due to them ripping you off).

These stickers increase the amount of money you can earn in damages. Why? Because if you clearly state that your product is patented with a URL that proves it is patented, it notifies potential infringers and dissuades infringement. This entitles you to additional compensation.

Miller IP Law has provided all of it's customers with a URL that shows off every patent and trademark we do so that you can use this effectively.


Important Note: These will only work if you do have a patent or trademark with Miller IP Law. If you do not, placing these on your product may count as fraud, and may incur fines.


Website Options

In addition to stickers, you can also place this info on your website. You are allowed by Miller IP Law to place these on your website without any cost/charge involved.

Place 1: Trust Badge On Product Pages

You can place this badge alongside any other trust badges you have for that specific product.

Important Note: You may only place this badge on the products that you have a patent/trademark for. If you only have patents on some of your products, you CAN'T place this badge on all of your products.


Place 2: Footers

If you have a trademark (NOT patent), you can place the trademark seal at the footer of your website.

To use on your website, simply right-click one of the two graphics and click "Save Image As..."

Physical Options

Paper Stickers

These stickers are the cheapest option, but won't likely work for holding a package closed. They will also be primarily black, so they may not fit for your branding on your package.

Click To Buy Paper Stickers


Clear Stickers With Black Lettering

A stronger, sturdier sticker that's made of plastic instead of paper. It is transparent everywhere except the info provided. This one is the most popular, as it works well with any light packaging.


Clear Stickers With White Lettering

Similar to the sticker above, except the lettering is white. Works best on darker packages.


Print It Yourself

If you already custom print your packaging, you can also add the shield to your packaging and website.

Just ensure that when you print this on your products that the text is large enough to be easily and comfortably read by a normal human being (especially the text at the bottom).

Simply right-click one of the two graphics and click "Save Image As..."

Other Ways To Get These Benefits

If you're looking for a more in-depth resource about marking things as patented, visit this article: