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Who Needs A Strategy Session?

Local Business Owners

If you own a local business, you need to ensure that your logo, brand, and slogans are protected.

If you've also come up with a revolutionary new system/invention, you can patent it to ensure that no one else can block you out of using your own creation.

It will also give you the ability to sell/license it out to other companies as well!

Founders / Owners

If you're a startup, you probably want all of your blood, sweat, and tears to pay off in the long run.

Without a patent or trademark to protect it, it can potentially be taken from you.

Protect your ideas so you can find partners, investors, and manufacturers.

IP can also add value to your startup, which can be leveraged to find more investments.

CEOs / In-House Counsel

Large companies produce countless innovations, products, and systems that can be patented.

Ensure that all of the time, money, and resources that you poured into your R&D isn't wasted by losing your patent rights.

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