Am I a Micro Entity, Small Entity, or Large Entity?

Different costs depending on the size of your business

The USPTO charges different fees depending on the size of your business. The USPTO wants to aid start-ups and small businesses as they pursue their intellectual property. Check out the requirements below to see which entity size you qualify as.

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Micro Entity (Small dog in the fight)

Micro-entities pay the lowest fees at the USPTO. Here are the qualifications: Not named on more than 4 previously filed applications Gross income on last years tax filing does not exceed $202,563 Under no obligation to assign/grant/convey a license/ownership to another entity that does not meet the income requirements.

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Small Entity (Medium dog in the fight)

Small entities pay medium fees at the USPTO. Here are the qualifications: A nonprofit organization OR less than 500 employees Have not assigned/licensed/conveyed an interest in the invention to a non-small entity

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Large Entity (Large dog in the fight)

Large entities pay the heights fees at the USPTO. There are no qualification to be a large entity. If you do not qualify as a micro entity or a small entity you are a large entity.

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