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We are excited to offer two unique opportunities for experts & thought leaders like yourself to connect with and expand your reach to different audiences.


  1. Be a Guest on our Inventive Podcasts Series (More Details Below)
  2. Be a Bonfire Speaker on our Inventive Firesides Webinar Series (More Details Below)
Choose the platform that best suits your style—or take advantage of both to maximize your visibility and impact!

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What Is The Inventive Journey?


The Inventive Journey is the first podcast in the Inventive Podcast series. It is a podcast where you can share your story, expertise, and advice to fellow entrepreneurs. It doesn't cost anything.

The audience size is 26,000+ entrepreneurs. It's on all of the major podcast platforms, YouTube, and our website. It lasts 30 minutes, but you'll have a 15 minute pre-interview to go over everything. They typically release 2-4 weeks after recording.

What Is The Inventive Journey?

Structure of An Episode

The purpose of the episode is to tell your personal story of how you became an entrepreneur.

Power Statement & Title Card

To start the episode, we'll actually pull some video & audio from the end of the podcast as your "Power Statement" (explained below).

Then, we'll play our title card to start the episode. These two parts will not be a part of the recording, just the editing.


The interview will start with Devin briefly introducing new people to the podcast. He'll then introduce you, the guest of this episode, and a brief background into what your story is.

This part is a conversation, so feel free to chime in and converse with Devin while he's talking.

Your Journey

Then he'll open up the floor to you to go in depth about your story. This part is totally up to you. You'll be able to share your background, experiences, what got you into your industry, advice, etc.

This section usually lasts around 10-30 minutes

Ending Questions

After that, Devin will ask you a few questions.

  1. "What is your biggest business mistake and what did you learn from it?"
  2. "What's your number one piece of advice you'd share with new entrepreneurs?"

 Your answer to the 2nd question is typically what we use in the opening of the podcast. We'll snip the first 10-30 seconds of it and use that as our "Power Statement" before the title card.

Target Audience

The Inventive Journey's target audience is new entrepreneurs that are in the beginning/middle phases of their first couple of startups.

We have an audience of 26,000+

Where Is It Shown & Advertised?

The show is broadcasted to a variety of different video and audio/podcast platforms, including:

 Apple Podcasts


Google Podcasts



Miller IP's Website

+ More 

Example Episode

The Inventive Podcasts

The Inventive Journey is just the first in a series of podcasts called "The Inventive Podcasts".

Each podcast focuses on a different aspect of entrepreneurship.

The Inventive Journey

The Inventive Journey, as stated above, focuses on your journey towards becoming an entrepreneur

The Inventive Expert

The Inventive Expert focuses on your expertise in your field, and how entrepreneurs can benefit for your industry experience (it's a great way to introduce entrepreneurs to your services)

The Inventive Founder

The Inventive Founder focuses on the lessons, stories, and hardships as you founded your current company (or a previous company if you'd like). It give you a chance to dive deeper into the beginning steps of your company specifically.

The Inventive Growth

The Inventive Growth occurs quite a while after The Inventive Journey, and it's a chance for our audience to catch up with you, learn a little about how your company has grown since you started the Inventive Podcasts, and what new realizations, insights, and advice you've acquired since starting.

The Inventive Exit

The Inventive Exit is when you end up selling your company. It's a chance to talk about the experience you've had, why you chose to exit at that time, other exit strategies and why you didn't choose them, etc.

The Inventive New Venture

The Inventive New Venture focuses on you starting a new company after your exit. It focuses on why you chose this new venture, what process you went through to decide the industry and business, etc.

Inventive Firesides Webinar Series

Inventive Firesides is a webinar series that includes a 30-minute session with various segments, hosted by Devin Miller and streamed via LinkedIn Live.

  • 10-15 minute presentation by the guest.
  • 5-10 minute fireside chat with the moderator, Devin Miller.
  • 1-10 minutes of audience Q&A.
  • 1-2 minutes for the guest to share their favorite business book or podcast.
  • 1-2 minutes for the guest to share contact details for one-on-one connections.

Each webinar typically has a live audience of 40-60 people and about 200-300 people that watch it after the live event.

Check Out The Upcoming Firesides

Who Is The Host?

Miller IP Law CEO, Devin Miller, has founded several multi-million dollar startups himself and continues to found, manage, and grow several startups and small businesses.

Devin has been working with startups and small businesses for 7+ years. He's helped startups and small businesses protect and grow businesses in industries including wearables, medical devices, bicycles, boat anchors, mason jars, microprocessors, and more.

Having worked with numerous startups and been through the startup process himself, Devin knows that ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the successes and failures startups face. Devin hosts The Inventive Journey discuss the journey startups and small businesses take on the path to success.

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