Do I need to visit your IP firm's office to get started?

We live in a virtual world

Why should you be limited to the attorneys that live within driving distance from you?

Hire the best, not the closest

Hire the best patent attorney, not the one that lives closest to you.

Intellectual property (IP) is a big investment for any company. You want the best IP attorney you can afford. The best IP attorney may be located just down the street or he/she may be halfway around the world. You shouldn't be limited to IP attorneys that are within driving distance.

Most meetings can be virtual

Virtually meet with your IP attorney.

Gone are the days that you need to meet with your IP attorney to show him/her how your invention works or explain your company. With video chats, emails, and phones, an attorney can get all the information he/she needs to get to work on your patent, trademark, or copyright.

For a patent, your IP attorney will typically have you fill out a 2-3 page form describing your invention, have you send along some drawings showing your invention, and have a 30-60 minute phone call to discuss your invention and clarify any question. Once your IP attorney has done this they are ready to prepare a patent application for your review. None of those steps require a face-to-face meeting. Similarly, for a trademark, your IP attorney just needs the word or logo you want to protect and a description of what product/service the logo is used for. With this information in hand, you IP attorney can prepare your trademark application. Again, no face-to-face meeting required.

Picking your attorney

Picking the best intellectual property attorney.

When picking your IP attorney, where they are located should not matter. What should matter is how good of a job they will do and if they can meet your budgets. You can also find out the number one question you need to know when picking a patent attorney by clicking here.

Heart of a teacher

Find a patent attorney with a heart of a teacher.

The most important thing to find when searching for an IP attorney is to find an attorney with a heart of a teacher. Some attorneys are so concerned about billing their clients they don't spend the time to listen to them. Whether your attorney is down the street or around the world, make sure they teach you what is going on every step up of the way and desire to help you become an expert at intellectual property.

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