White Label Automated Legal Services For Your Firm

If you'd like your firm to stop losing money on services you aren't serving yet, or give your cheaper customers a chance to give you what little money they can, then SNAP Legal is perfect for you.

All you have to do is embed a form and video onto your website, and when your customers fill it out, everything else is automated for you.

You'll get a check at the end of the month with 50% of the revenue generated (minus USPTO filing fees).

We also give you a landing page that sells the product for you & will automatically adjust to the theme of your website.

 We offer a variety of services, including:

Provisional Patents



Patent Licensing Agreements


Cease & Desists

Independent Contractor Agreements

Employee IP Agreements

LLC Formations

Social Media Takedowns

Business Wills

Website Takedowns


You can choose however many of these services make sense for your firm at no cost. That includes $0 in setup fees and $0 for ongoing maintenance. 

Our automated system takes care of this in a variety of ways depending on the matter at hand.

Essentially all communication goes through emails, and the paperwork/actions/documents are all processed by either an automated machine, or a live attorney (if they pay optional upcharges for attorney help at the end).

 You'll have the choice of having a check mailed to you monthly, or having it deposited directly into your account.

You'll be paid every month after the calendar month has ended. The amount will be 50% of revenue (minus USPTO fees if applicable) for the previous month.

You'll also receive a notification when each of your clients has used the white label system so you know when they use the service and what you'll be paid at the end of month. 

Once you fill out the form, you will be sent an email will links to each product's embed code (stored in a Google Doc).

The code will be in HTML. The sales page will format itself to your website's fonts, colors, and style. 


It will contain all of the info you need to create 2 pages: a sales page and a form page.

The code will simply need to be embedded in two new pages on your website. The entire process should take you (or your developer) less than an hour (an experienced developer should be able to do it in 5 minutes).

Also, click here for a general guide on embedding HTML code on your website.

Notice: the form will not be able to update to your website's CSS, and will appear with an off-white background, black and grey text, and blue tabs & navigation buttons:

If you aren't familiar with embedding code, we also offer to embed it for you for a small fee of $100 per product. If you choose this, it should take 2-3 business days for us to get it done for you.

You will earn 50% of all the revenue you generate, minus USPTO filing fees.

 Literally nothing.

There are no setup fees.

There are no ongoing fees.


We want you to get this on your site ASAP so that we can earn our 50% of revenue as well, so we've eliminated barriers for you to get started.

You have nothing to lose.


Notice: there are no fees for the standard service, but there are two additional things you can sign up for that will cost you initial setup fees. The first is for us to embed the code into your website for you. The second is if you want to charge custom prices, which will cause us to have to duplicate our system and rebuild it for you specifically.

 If you don't want to offer our SNAP Legal products for the price that we sell them, there will be a setup fee. This will also delay us getting your code to you by about 4-5 business days.


The reason for this is that we will have to duplicate and then revise all of SNAP Legal in order to sell at custom prices. This takes our automation specialist time to accomplish.

Since the majority of our services are automated, none of our attorneys actually lay eyes on it. 

However, there are some upsells where clients can pay extra for some attorney help. In these cases, we run an internal conflicts check to ensure that prior to our attorneys assisting with the matter, there are no conflicts.


Simply click "Get Started" and fill out the form. Once that's filled, you'll be emailed your code to embed, and you can have SNAP Legal on your website in about 30 minutes.


  • What about if there are any State Specific Issues? 
    • For any of the services that may potentially have state specific issues:
    1. Prior to starting the matter, the client is notified that the autogenerated document is non-state specific
    2. The client signs an waiver to acknowledge that the document is non-state specific
    3. The client is counseled to seek a state specific attorney for any questions and to address any state specific issues
  • How does customer service work?
    • This white label service is intended to be a fully contained DIY legal service. If the client has questions or needs assistance they have the option as part of the service to hire an attorney for a 1-hour consult (which we handle) or have an attorney pick up the work and finish it for them.
    • If there are technical issues (i.e. non-legal issues), you can contact us and we will get the issue resolved ASAP
  • For attorneys/law firms, are there any issues with the rules of ethics?
    • We certainly invite you to review your state's ethics rules to confirm there are no issues. For most state bars, for DIY legal services because there are no attorneys working on the matters there are no issues with fee sharing for automated services.
    • Additionally, most states allow for attorneys/firms to share fees based on the amount of work done by each firm/attorney. Here, as there is an equal amount of work done by each firm in directing the client to the service and generating the legal documents, the ethical rules also allow for fee sharing.
  • How do I contact you for any questions or assistance?
    • You can always schedule some time with the Founder of Miller IP Law, Devin Miller, who personally manages the White Label Service. Here are the ways you can contact him:

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