Visual Product Photography For Small Businesses

Why Not DIY?

Product Photography is extremely inexpensive relative to it's ROI. Many entrepreneurs view it as a place to cut down costs, and that gives you an opportunity to outperform them.

Take a look at the difference, and tell me which one inspires customer confidence: 

Where Should I Use These Photos?


What's In The Entrepreneur Package

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle photos are the bread and butter of any visual marketing campaign. These photos are typically the first you want to show customers, as they tend to reel them in better than any other photo type.

Use these as hero images, display ad images, and the first thing your customers should see.

They are also the most expensive to produce. We initially include 3 lifestyle photos in the initial package, and once you see what we can create, we can produce more.

You'll get 3 lifestyle photos in different setting with different props, angles, etc. with the option to order more after our initial shoot is complete.



Product Photos On White

These photos are invaluable, as they display the product in a visceral way that gives your customers a concrete idea of what they can purchase.

Knowing what you're getting ahead of time tremendously boosts customer trust in your product before purchase, and can increase conversions by 22%!

You'll get 1 head-on photo, a photo at 45°, 1 photo at 90°, and 1 photo at 180° (plus 1 overhead photo if it makes sense for the product's design).



Product Photos On Black 

These photos are less common, which can help you stand out against the crowd.

They are bolder than photos on white. They aren't traditionally used to showcase what the product looks like. They are instead used more artistically in advertising, websites and website sections with a dark background, and more!

You'll get 1 head-on photo, a photo at 45°, 1 photo at 90°, and 1 photo at 180° (plus 1 overhead photo if it makes sense for the product's design).



Scale Photo

Scale photos can give your customers an idea of how large your product actually is.

Human beings in general have a much easier time visualizing the size of things visually than by written specs. This will make the purchasing decision easier and lead to higher conversion rates.

You'll get 1 scale photo next to a quarter (or smaller coin if needs be).



360° Video

This is traditionally used in a variety of advertising material, including landing pages, commercials, advertisements, testimonials, and more.

They are a solid way to showcase your product in any video you create. Still images in videos tend to break up the pacing and indicates low production value. By adding motion to your product video, you instill additional customer trust.

If your advertising strategy is very video-heavy, we can also add additional video presentations to your photo shoot outside of your basic package.

You'll get 1 360° video in mp4 format.



360° Gif

Much like a video, a 360° gif can add motion and intrigue to your product. However, having it as a gif allows you to add it to your website easily without a play button for customers to press.


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