Top Gifts For Entrepreneurs

Top Gifts For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed. A lot of them don't go by the book, march to the beat of their own drum, love to talk about their work, and love to feel special about it.

Entrepreneurs are people, and people are inherently diverse. What works for one entrepreneur may not work for another. However, MANY entrepreneurs tend to be passionate about what they are creating in their business.

You're likely to nail that gift if you center it around what they've achieved. Here are some gifts that are likely to make any entrepreneur tear up.

Custom Bobble Heads

Lots of companies offer customized bobble heads that allow you to make a little replica of the person you want to give the gift to.

It's an awesome little desk toy that will definitely get their coworkers to ask where they got it.

It also subtly boosts the entrepreneur's sense of self worth. There is just something about seeing yourself as a little statue that makes you feel like you are worthy of the position you're in. This is something that MANY entrepreneurs silently struggle with (imposter syndrome is real, and pervasive).

Miller IP Law doesn't offer these, but many companies do.


Entrepreneur-Themed Water Bottles

Another way to feel solidarity with fellow entrepreneurs and stay hydrated at the same time is a high-quality water bottle!

Make sure it's a high-quality water bottle, though. The difference can make a massive difference. Look for things like:


Dual Walled

Stainless Steel

Vacuum Sealed

and how long it will keep things hot/cold.


We offer a variety of water bottles with these features, and one even has an LED touchscreen thermometer so they can tell how hot/cold their drink is!

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Wall Art With Their Logo 

Few non-entrepreneurs understand just how personal entrepreneurs can take their logo.

It's something that's meticulously cared for both during it's creation and throughout it's implementation. Logos start as a series of words, emotions, ideas, and with the help of a designer, those are all manifested into a designed logo.

It's an extension of who they are and who they want to become.

Having a logo turned into a decoration helps remind entrepreneurs who they are and who they want to be.


Wallet With Their Logo 

Entrepreneurs like to show off their logo. It's often something that they'd like to show off to others outside of their office setting, but don't want to come off as overbearing.

A wallet or other piece of clothing with their logo on it can bridge that gap and give them an opportunity to show off what they're proud of.


An Idea Notepad for Their Business Dreams

Entrepreneurs want their businesses to go the distance. To achieve what they didn't think was possible.

By giving them a notepad to detail what they'd like their business to become, you show support for their work while giving them a space to visualize and actualize what they can achieve.