Take Down A Website That's Infringing On Your Copyright/Trademark


A website takedown is us officially taking down a competitor's website if they are infringing on your trademark or copyright.

So if someone decides to steal your intellectual property and put it on their website, you now have the power to stop them.

Once you apply, we'll take legal action to notify them of the infringement, give them a period to take down the infringed material, and if they fail to do so, have their website shut down by the service provider.


If you fail to act against infringers, there are 3 main consequences:

1) You have someone else earning money off of your intellectual property that you should be rightfully earning instead.

2) Your potential customers may have their perception of you, your brand, and your products tarnished by low quality copycats.

3) You run the risk of the government considering your patent/trademark/copyright abandoned/invalid.



You should pursue legal action as soon the website is discovered. Waiting can only lead to bad things.


1) Fill Out A 5 Minute Form
2) We will pursue legal action on your behalf (this process takes around 2-12 months depending on whether or not your competitor complies).
3) You're Protected!


It costs $49.

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