Setting Up A Client Intake Office with Miller IP Law

Looking for a way to increase revenue passively?

Have you ever considered opening a client intake office and letting it run itself?

The Concept

Miller IP Law is a primarily online, U.S. firm in Utah that's looking to serve additional areas. Although 97% of all of our clients never come into our office, we still get a lot of local clients in the Salt Lake City area due to locality.

So we're looking to open client intake offices in your local area & serve them online.

All you need to do is meet us for 15 minutes, & let us take care of the rest, and you can earn $100 per client in your area!

Get Started By Scheduling a 15-Minute Meeting

How Does It Work?


Setup is a simple process.

You'll schedule a meeting where you can discuss any questions you have about the program. In the scheduler, we'll also ask you all of the info we need to set everything up, so you don't have to fill out any forms afterward.

After your meeting, if you choose to proceed, we'll take that info to Google and create a branch of Miller IP Law that shows up on Google & Google Maps.

We'll create a branch landing page (see example) that will have a unique scheduler that tracks how many clients your intake office generates.

Once we've created your webpage & Google listing, you MAY be sent a postcard from Google with a code on it (most are, but sometimes Google doesn't require it). Simply email that code to us, and we'll be able to verify your location.

That's it!

Once setup is complete, we will pay you $100 for a couple minutes minutes of work.



After setup, most of your clients will be handled entirely online (about 93-97%). You will still earn your client intake bonus for all of your online clients.

However, there are the occasional clients that walk into the firm.

In this event, you (or your receptionist) will inform the client that the intellectual property part of your office is handled entirely online, as the ip attorneys are out of state.

To increase conversions, you can offer to schedule a meeting over Zoom for them.



Getting Paid

Once the customer has used your specific scheduler to schedule a Strategy Meeting (an onboarding call where we go over their business, market, and what type of intellectual property protection will help them succeed), they'll be marked as your client.

As soon as they pay their first invoice, you've earned a $100 client intake bonus. At the end of the month, all of your monthly bonuses will be tallied, and you'll be paid!


What Do I Get From It?

$100 Setup Bonus

After your intake office is set up on Google, you'll get a $100 setup bonus

$100 Client Intake Bonus

For every single customer you bring in that pays an invoice, you'll get a $100 client intake bonus.

All bonuses you earn for the month are paid to you at the end of the month.


What Will It Cost Me?


We will never charge you anything.


What Effort Is Involved?

Step 1: Fill out a 2 minute form to schedule a meeting (above) with an attorney. This will go over the info we need to set up, such as your business address, phone number, etc. It will also allow you to schedule a quick 15 minute meeting to go over any questions you may have.

Step 2: A couple of weeks later, you'll receive a postcard from Google with a code to verify the correct address. Simply email that to us, and we'll complete everything else for you.