Deferred Payment Program



  • Get your patent/trademark started now, complete the creation and drafting process, and don't pay anything until you file it.
  • Anyone who wants to patent/trademark something is eligible.
  • Start the process by signing up for a free strategy session with one of our attorneys at the bottom of the page today.


As I sit around my house bored out of my mind for the 2nd or 3rd week in a row, my mind can’t help but think about my next new idea. As I toss the ball against the wall and catch it, my mind is reeling with innovative ways to streamline my work when I get back. What new products can we launch? What new software developments might make things more efficient?

For many inventors like me, there is a ton of time to invent, but very little funding to start the IP process. Well, there is a new program that will help you get your patents sooner rather than later. During this crisis, Miller IP Law has decided to start a revolutionary new program, the Deferred Payment Program. You can get started on the process of making your idea patented right now without having to pay ANYTHING until the day that you file it.


How the new Deferred Payment Program works:

The Deferred Payment Program is simple. We will do all of the work to create and draft your patent/trademark without charging you anything. Normally the creation and drafting process has charges associated with it, but these will be waived until the very end if/when you decide to file it.
Once the patent/trademark is done and ready to be filed, we will notify you and you can wait until your business is back to business as usual. Once you are ready to file, simply let us know, we will file it, and you will be charged then.
This allows you to get a head start on the long and sometimes difficult process of creating and drafting your patent/trademark.

Who is eligible and how to I sign up?

ANYONE who is interested in filing a patent/trademark is eligible for this promotion. We do ask that you only take advantage of this program if you realistically see yourself filing a patent/trademark in the next 12 months (no prank calls please). 

To sign up, simply schedule a Free Consultation with one of our attorneys using the calendar below, and mention to them that you want to Deferred Payment Program. If you don't mention this program, you will not be eligible for deferred payments, so be sure to mention it at anytime during the consultation.