Unique types of trademarks to help protect your business

Trademarks are not limited to words and logos alone. There are other categories of trademarks that can help you protect your business's intellectual property rights. Here are a few unique categories of trademarks that can truly help you to protect your business's brand: .

Product Packaging Shapes/Designs

You can protect the packaging of your product with a trademark. For example,  Coke has used the same bottle design for generations to the extent that consumers now recognize the design of the bottle alone when looking for a Coke. So if you have unique product packaging protect it.

Restaurant Themes and Color Schemes

You can protect the theme and color scheme of a restaurant. Five Guys restaurants always have red and white checkerboard tile walls, natural wood furnishings, and red countertops. These unique color and decor can be protected with trademark as long as you can show consumers recognize they are in your restaurant merely by recognizing the color scheme and the design.


The Harley Davidson rumble, the Intel jingle, and the ding of the Southwest fares deal are all trademarked sounds. As long as when consumers hear the unique sounds they associate it with that company's goods or services, you may protect the sound with a trademark.


Tiffany Blue, T-Mobile Magenta, Barbie Pink, Cadbury Purple, and UPS Brown are all examples of colors that have been trademarked because consumers associated the color with the goods/service. So you might look at protecting the colors you use for your branding.

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