Trademarking a phrase

Can I Trademark a Word or Phrase?

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Why would I trademark a word/phrase

Trademarking helps ensure that no one else can use a similar word or phrase to promote similar products or services. For example, Nike has built its brand on the trademarked phrase “Just Do It” and has trademarks to protect the use of that phrase. To get a trademark on a word or a phrase, you must use the word or the phrase in commerce or intend to use it in commerce by selling goods or services that use the mark. Second, you must identify the types of goods or services that you want to use your trademark on. Third, you can’t trademark a phrase or a word if it is confusingly similar to a phrase or word that’s already been trademarked for the same type of goods or services. Words or phrases are confusingly similar if people are likely to be confused about the source of a product or service. Once you are ready to use the word or the phrase, known the types of goods/services you will use with the word or the phrase, and have done some homework to make sure others aren't using the word or the phrase for the same goods/services, you are ready to file a trademark on the word or the phrase.

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