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The Beginners Guide to Contract Creation and Negotiation

  1. Contracts: they're a necessary part of every business and one of the most frustrating parts of entrepreneurship. With contracts, you have to be looking to the future, towards safeguarding your business for maximum success. But how do you go about understanding, creating, and negotiating business contracts - especially as a beginner? Today, Miller IP Law breaks down everything you need to know.


    Understanding the Basics


    First things first. Before you start looking for contractors, make sure the fundamentals of your business are strong. Have you chosen the right business structure? Are you satisfied with your product or services? If you’re still laying the groundwork, try an online startup cost calculator so that you’ll have a better idea of what kind of funds you’ll have to negotiate with.


    The next step is understanding the fundamentals of contracts. Basically, contracts are the primary source of revenue and relationship building in an organization. One of the key benefits of having a contract is that they are essential to running your business successfully. They serve as a record of commitments for all parties involved, but they also reduce risk and help avoid conflicts down the line. In addition, contracts can increase operational efficiency and help generate revenue.


    Understand the Goal of the Contract


    Every contract has a goal. Whether your agreement aims to protect your intellectual property or merge your company with another, it will be critical to know why the contract exists in the first place! Start with summarizing your contract description, outlining the parties in the agreement, and the ultimate objective of the contract. You should also outline the critical factors and what you're willing to compromise on. This will then determine the specific terms of your contract and the negotiation process.


    Familiarize Yourself With Laws


    Look up applicable laws, including federal and state laws. By familiarizing yourself with the related laws, you can ensure you have everything covered. Understanding contract laws will also be a way to go if any party breaks the agreement.


    Essential Tools for Managing Contracts


    Contracts can often be complex, but some tools can help you. Tools and resources can help you present, edit, and modify agreements. For example, suppose you're repurposing sections of an existing business contract to create a new one. In that case, you can use a PDF extract tool to create a new PDF. This is done by selecting the relevant pages and then creating a new modified PDF for the new contract. Look for a free tool that helps you extract PDF pages, and you should be good to go.


    Protecting Both Parties


    The aim of every contract should be to look after both parties involved. Be sure to list out all the obligations of your parties, including agreeing on when the parties can negotiate contracts. If any issues arise down the line, having the agreement in writing will make enforcing it much more manageable. Thus, agree beforehand on the consequences of breaking the contract, as this will help with long-term conflict resolution.


    Prepare for Questions and Concerns


    Contracts can be a lengthy process, and rightly so. A great deal of detail is required for a well-crafted contract, so definitely come prepared with questions and concerns. Anticipating the other parties' concerns will also help create a solid and airtight contract. By respecting the other's problems, you're also earning some trust in your business relationship, which will help aid the process go smoothly and quickly. In addition, be sure to list your own questions about the contract process. If you’re working with an attorney or aide, be sure to get their advice on the questions, so you are confident about what you’re entering into. Remember, there are no silly questions, and it is better to be safe than sorry down the line. Clarifying all your doubts will reduce the chance of risks and mistakes down the line as well.


    Contracts are an essential part of every business owner's journey. If you've been avoiding taking the lead on managing your contracts, this is your sign to start. You'll see excellent conflict resolution, analysis, and empowerment through negotiation with confident contracting. You've got this!

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