Ogden, Utah: The Perfect Home for Your Business and Family

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to live in a city with a supportive community and strong economic activity. And when you have a family, your city should provide an affordable, top-notch quality of life for kids and adults alike.


Whether you’re thinking about moving to start a business or relocating your current one, Ogden is the prime spot. Below, Miller IP Law lays out the reasons every family-focused entrepreneur should consider moving to the Austin suburb.


Affordable Living      


No one can lead a high quality of life if they can’t afford to live in their city. Fortunately, aside from housing which drives up the cost of living, Ogden is more cost-effective than many other cities of its kind. The average home sells for $325,400. With that being said, Ogden is a competitive housing market, and you will need a trusted mover in your corner to get you from Point A to Point B.


If you are looking to rent for a bit when you first move, know that the average apartment in Ogden rents for $925 per month. Living in a place you can comfortably afford will give your business more runway for growing as you envision.


If you’d rather live in a house, there are a couple dozen homes for rent in the area. An online search tool can help you sort through your potential rental options. You should be able to find a place that meets your needs for space and budget.


Entrepreneurial Support     


One of the biggest perks of moving to Ogden is the entrepreneurial community that comes with it. Not only does the city itself offer various resources for business starters and owners, but it is also close to Salt Lake City, which offers a wealth of other resources.


You will likely find mentors, business leaders, and other entrepreneurs to help you get a strong start in Ogden. A supportive community can go a long way in helping you connect with valuable resources and persevere through challenges.


Here are a few entrepreneurial resources to look into:



Starting a Ogden Business       


If you are starting a company from scratch, one of your first steps will be to make a business plan. Smarsheet points out that this document will take your business idea and fill out all the necessary information around it, such as your mission statement, target audience, product description, funding requirements, and financial forecasts. It will also include a marketing strategy, which should include social media outreach. One platform you don’t want to miss out on is Instagram. Along with appealing content and newsworthy events related to your business, design and posting frequency are important aspects to using Instagram. Luckily, Instagram story templates can help you create and manage your Instagram feed—simply choose a template, customize it, then share it with nearly 1 billion users.


You will also need to obtain any necessary licenses and permits for operating in Ogden and establish a legal structure that will position you for healthy growth. Any business operating as an LLC or corporation is required by the state to have a registered agent to serve as its official point of contact. The easiest way to connect with an experienced agent is through an online formation service.


Opportunity for Happiness


You and your family should be able to enjoy life in your new city, and that’s another area Ogden shines: quality of life. Having access to top-notch restaurants, parks, community events, and entertainment not only can improve everyday life for your entire household but also ensure your future employees (and neighbors) are happy and thriving.


These are just a few of many places and activities Ogden offers for a flourishing life:


  • Farmers Market Ogden
  • Harvest Moon Festival
  • Historic 25th Street Car Show
  • Music On The Plaza


Nearby Colleges      


Finally, you need to live somewhere with an educated workforce to ensure you can build the team your company needs to grow and stay successful. With a strong pool of local talent, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your goals and milestones! There are several world-class colleges and universities in and near Ogden, such as:



The Ogden region has everything you need to flourish as a family-focused entrepreneur. The housing and cost of living is competitive with many other localities in Utah, and its entrepreneurial community is second to none. You will also find plenty of opportunities to experience an exceptional quality of life to go with a top-notch pool of talent. If you’re trying to determine where to start or move your business, look no further!

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