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What Is Good Idea/Bad Idea?


Good Idea/Bad Idea is a podcast for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas for side hustles and new ventures. It's more than just a podcast, as it's also a poll that fellow entrepreneurs and mentors can comment on and give advice.

Whether it's an idea from your "someday pile" that you'd like to pursue someday, or a unique side hustle that you've already started, we'd love to reach more entrepreneurs and share your ideas with them.


How Do I Sign Up?


What Is Good Idea/Bad Idea?

Structure of An Episode

The episode is structured to be about 5 minutes long in total.

This is designed to be a short podcast, so if you're also interested in being featured in a longer podcast, check out The Inventive Journey below.


A 5-second clip with the logo.


Devin's Intro

Devin will introduce you as the podcast guest using 3 of the questions you fill out on the form:

A) Your Name
B) Your Company/Organization
C) The Title of Your Idea


You Present Idea

This is the meat of the podcast episode. Devin will open the floor to discuss you good idea/bad idea. 



After the discussion, Devin will thank you for being on the show, and direct the listeners to a URL that you specify in the form. Ideally, this would be your website/landing page/Facebook page where customers can buy your products or get in contact with you.

He will also announce what your company is looking for and how those people can reach you. You can choose any of the following people you are looking for:

Employees (and the types of employees)
Beta Testers
Product Developers


Target Audience

Good Idea/Bad Idea's target audience is new entrepreneurs that are in the beginning/middle phases of their first couple of startups.

We have an audience of approximately 15,000-20,000.


Where Is It Shown & Advertised?

The show is broadcasted to a variety of different video and audio/podcast platforms, including:


Apple Podcasts


Google Podcasts

Pocket Casts


Tune In


Radio Public




Miller IP Law's Website


Who Is The Host?

Miller IP Law CEO, Devin Miller, has founded several multi-million dollar startups himself and continues to found, manage, and grow several startups and small businesses.

Devin has been working with startups and small businesses for 7+ years. He's helped startups and small businesses protect and grow businesses in industries including wearables, medical devices, bicycles, boat anchors, mason jars, microprocessors, and more.

Having worked with numerous startups and been through the startup process himself, Devin knows that ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the successes and failures startups face. Devin hosts The Inventive Journey discuss the journey startups and small businesses take on the path to success.

Our Other Podcasts You Can Join

We also have a series of podcasts called "The Inventive Podcasts" that hosts more established entrepreneurs. If you're interested in being featured further, and you have already started your entrepreneurial journey (your business is a full-time job and not a side hustle), we'd love to have you!

Each podcast focuses on a different aspect of entrepreneurship.

You can sign up for The Inventive Journey here: Sign Up For Inventive Journey

The Inventive Journey

The Inventive Journey, as stated above, focuses on your journey towards becoming an entrepreneur

The Inventive Expert

The Inventive Expert focuses on your expertise in your field, and how entrepreneurs can benefit for your industry experience (it's a great way to introduce entrepreneurs to your services)

The Inventive Founder

The Inventive Founder focuses on the lessons, stories, and hardships as you founded your current company (or a previous company if you'd like). It give you a chance to dive deeper into the beginning steps of your company specifically.

The Inventive Growth

The Inventive Growth occurs quite a while after The Inventive Journey, and it's a chance for our audience to catch up with you, learn a little about how your company has grown since you started the Inventive Podcasts, and what new realizations, insights, and advice you've acquired since starting.

The Inventive Exit

The Inventive Exit is when you end up selling your company. It's a chance to talk about the experience you've had, why you chose to exit at that time, other exit strategies and why you didn't choose them, etc.

The Inventive New Venture

The Inventive New Venture focuses on you starting a new company after your exit. It focuses on why you chose this new venture, what process you went through to decide the industry and business, etc.


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