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Thank you for writing a review of Devin Miller! They significantly help our potential customers know whether or not we are good at our jobs, and help us reach and help other startups and small businesses. Thank you!


Here are 3 ways you can review us:

1) Record a brief video testimonial (if you can only do one thing, please do this one)

2) Write a review on Google (if you really want to help us out, please do this one too)

3) Write a recommendation on LinkedIn (if we did a REALLY awesome job, do all 3!)

How To Record A Video TESTIMONIAL

Using our Hippo Video page, you can create your own video testimonial, and it will only take you 1-3 minutes. Video testimonials help you tell your story of how Miller IP Law has helped you achieve your goals to get a patent or trademark, and allows viewers to know whether or not to use Miller IP Law. You can use the web page below to record, review, and submit your video review in just 4 clicks!


We may post your testimonial on our website and social media, but will not allow others to use it. We may even use snippets of your video in future promotional materials. Your contact information (email, etc.) will be kept confidential. 

How To Write A Review On Google

Go to Miller IP Law's search result page, and simply click on the "Write a review" button.


Then give us a brief description of why you like us and whatever star rating you feel we deserve.

How To Write A RECOMMENDATION on LinkedIn

To write a LinkedIn recommendation, simply visit Devin's profile, and scroll down to the "Recommendations" section to write them a quick recommendation.


Devin Miller: https://www.linkedin.com/in/milleripl/

That's it! Please feel free to recommend us on these (or any other) platforms. We really appreciate it!


If you have any friends that may need help with their patents or trademarks, feel free to have them schedule a Free Strategy Session.

Photo Credit for the first graphic goes to You X Ventures for sharing their work on Unsplash. Thanks You X Ventures!

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