I'm not getting my emails! What do I do?

I'm not getting my emails! What do I do?

We understand that it can be frustrating to be left in the dark in regards to your patents and trademarks.

At Miller IP Law, we use an in-house built automated system to alert our attorneys when they need to get started on things, and we use the same system to send you updates.

This system isn't perfect, and we're continually expanding it and working to improve it.

What Should I Do?

So, if you are running into technical difficulties & are not receiving the emails you need, we are truly sorry, and appreciate your patience.

Please use the widget below to make us aware of the problem, and our data specialist, Joseph Yarrington, will look into it. He may manually email you if there is a step that you need to take on your end.

What Is Causing My Technical Problems?

The most common causes of technical problems that cause emails not to come through are (in order):

1) Unsubscribing from ALL of our emails

2) Emails are landing in your Spam Folder

3) Using multiple emails in the forms you fill out

4) Other data problems

1) Unsubscribing from ALL of our emails

Not everyone loves our newsletters. We understand. So people unsubscribe from them. However, if you unsubscribe from ALL of our email subscriptions, we aren't legally allowed to update you on your patents & trademarks.

We offer an option for those who want to get updates, but don't want to receive our newsletters.

All of our promotions, marketing info, and newsletters are classified as "Marketing Emails", while emails about your patents or trademarks are classified as "Client Updates".

If you want to start receiving JUST Client updates, simply go to the last email you received from us, and follow these steps.

Step 1: Click "Manage Preferences

I'm not getting my emails! What do I do?

Step 2: Unselect "No More Calls, No More Texts - We're Breaking Up"

I'm not getting my emails! What do I do?

Step 3: Select "Client Update" and "One To One" & click the button "Update Communications Preferences"

I'm not getting my emails! What do I do?

2) Emails are landing in your Spam Folder

Sometimes, our emails may land in your Spam Folder.

Please check your Spam Folder, and if they are there, unmark them as spam.

This will help you receive client updates in the future, and help us reach more clients in the future as well.

3) Using multiple emails in the forms you fill out

When you fill a form out (such as scheduling a meeting, the Conflict of Interest Form, etc.) for the first time, our system creates a simple profile for you.

In our back end, it uses your email as your profile name. Why? Because two people can have the same name, but they can't have the same email address. So, that way, we don't accidently merge two people with the same name.

So, if you use different email addresses each time you fill out a form, our system may create different profiles for you. That will cause you to get emails that have incorrect information.

If this is the case, use the widget above to notify us, and we will be happy to merge the two accounts together for you.

4) Other data problems

Sometimes, things just don't work. This is rare, but it happens.

If you are sure that it isn't an email subscription problem or multiple email error, please let us know.

Use the widget above, and in the explanation box, just write "Unknown Error" and we will investigate & fix the error for you.

None Of Those Worked?

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