You Are Going to Make So Many Mistakes

You Are Going To Make So Many Mistakes 

Todd Elkins

Devin Miller
The Inventive Journey
Podcast for Entrepreneurs


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You Are Going To Make So Many Mistakes 

 “Its a grind. I've read all the books and everyone talks about zero to one, building a start up, start up manual, but everyday you are going to learn something new. You are just going to make so many mistakes. Then you are going to realize oh I did that wrong I have go to re-do it, or other companies didn't have this problem why do we have this problem. Like you're not the first person to have this problem, but its you, and its your company, and its your idea, and mine is different. I mean covid aside and all of that life is different now then when a lot of these books were written two, or three, or four, or five, or six years ago. I mean things change and its always kind of this fluid environment.”

The Inventive Journey

Starting and growing a business is a journey. On The Inventive Journey, your host, Devin Miller walks with startups along their different journeys startups take to success (or failure). You also get to hear from featured guests, such as venture firms and angel investors, that provide insight on the paths to a successful inventive journey.

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