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Quantum Computing In 

High Schools

Nidhi Jadhiv

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Quantum Computing In High Schools 

We probably won't be able to teach as much, or give as much in depth explanations about certain aspects as quantum computing professionals. Because they have been doing it since college. Its a good balance between the two that we believe will help high schoolers learn, as well as having a positive experience.


The Inventive Journey

Starting and growing a business is a journey. On The Inventive Journey, your host, Devin Miller walks with startups along their different journeys startups take to success (or failure). You also get to hear from featured guests, such as venture firms and angel investors, that provide insight on the paths to a successful inventive journey.

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we probably won't be able to teach as much or give as much of an in-depth explanation about certain aspects as these quantum computing professionals that have been doing it for you know they've studied it since college so it's like a good balance between the two I believe will help on high schoolers learn and have a positive experience hey everyone this is Devin miller here with another episode of the inventive journey I am the patent and trademark attorney that helps startups in small businesses as well as a serial entrepreneur and we're here with the event of journey to tell the different journeys of those that are inventive and doing different startups and businesses and have a different idea so today we have a special guest on bit out of the norm in the census she's only still in high school but her her name is Nidhi as I say right Nidhi yeah okay so she is a sophomore right you got your the song you've got a sophomore a couple of their people in her team that are sophomore in freshman's and you guys actually - you know what I would say a younger age although everyday I feel a little bit older but you guys got into quantum computing while you're still in high school and our building is started out going to do a hackathon or hack to youth on and then also we're building a community to help others that are in high school and that to get involved with quantum computing so welcome on or welcome to the podcast thank you you got to be here so why don't you tell everybody a little bit and we talked a little bit before they kind of walk everybody through a little bit of how you got it or you know it's a bit abnormal or at least it's it's awesome but to get into quantum computing at such a young age but maybe how you guys you got yourself and a couple of your friends that are doing it how you got into it how you got involved with it and then what you guys are doing right now so me my friends and me Sharon off we are on this program called TAS which is basically introducing new emerging technologies and entrepreneurial skills to high schoolers and we all started focusing on this the topic of quantum computing and I think sometime in November 2019 we saw that there was a workshop hosted by IBM quantum at new live in Brooklyn and I believe none of us had school or something so we're like okay like let's just go it'll be like interesting place to learn more quantum computing and be able to network with these quantum professionals and when you went there like everyone that was like either speaking there or working there they were all just like what are these high schoolers doing at this like quantum computing workshop because like most of the people there were like a bunch of people are really there from college or like profession was in the in quantum computing industry and we were slowly able to network our way and we met Brian Edmondson who was the education community outreach at for IBM quantum and we sat down with them for like a good portion of the afternoon that we were there and we started putting together like or planning a hackathon where hackathon to get that cue for quantum computing and we stayed in touch with him from from that day till like still now and slowly we started planning this hackathon and me and he shot now if we sort of thought like why don't you just like create an organization that's dedicated to hosting more like hackathons and workshops that will introduce high schoolers to quantum computing and that's what we're working on right now we create an organization called community to introduce other high schoolers to everything and anything quantum computing in a safe learning environment first of all kudos to you guys cuz I don't even I in high school I wouldn't even know what quantum computing is so I guess that both shows that I'm getting older and also that I wasn't that involved in the technology that point but maybe just backing up a little bit in your story so how did you know I would I would probably say even in today's technology Aves to get you know high schoolers especially near freshmen and sophomores interested in quantum computer is at least a bit out of the norm so how did you know for how did you guys all get involved are you and a couple other people in your group as far as getting together getting interested or what sparked your interest in quantum computing oh well we were learning about quantum computing through on tks and as we like started to learn more it's just like this is like super interesting cuz like we were like you know we use like regular on traditional computers absolutely every single day and then when comparing that to the capacity of that and abilities of that of a quantum computer who were just like this is so interesting and quantum computing is also like a very interesting intersection with on quantum physics and you know traditional computing and it was just like something that we found super super interesting and wanted to learn more about if you're to do that so get what are you for everybody that's new or doesn't know what kwatak what's the high level explanation of what quantum computing is high level information so basically quantum computing makes use of quantum mechanical phenomena like superposition and entanglement and it uses these quantum bits called like photons or electrons as like which are kind of like the traditional bits that you have in a computer and meet by making use of these quantum computing phenomena you can allow these bits or qubits to be both a zero and one like a traditional computer but it can be a 0 and a 1 at the same time so it can just do like these huge problems like when it comes to like space or they just like any other quantum algorithm that would normally take a regular computer like hundreds of years to compute a quantum computer because it has it uses qubits can do it in a matter of like a few seconds 2 minutes so far to break that down even simpler for those that don't know quantum computing is almost supercomputing to where it allows the computer to run much faster by using a different process or by using zeros and ones at the same time in order to process things a lot more quickly than a normal they get that right or about right so then you had so you got you know I'd back your story to syllabus so you have IB or you got involved you went to the group or the Hat that was doing it on quantum computing got connected up with IBM and Brian had the IBM team that does the outrage for high schoolers and that and he planned the hackathon so first of all what is a hackathon or what if covin and we'll get that a bit of a comb it hadn't shut it down what would you have done it a hackathon or what is a hackathon well obviously we wanted like high schoolers that either had some code that are interested in like the tech field to come out like be a part of the hackathon so obviously we expected not a lot of them to have experience in the quantum computing field so like a good portion that that would have just been like providing them with IBM IBM's like workshops like how to code using their platform tisket and just like explaining and the basics of quantum computing so that they would have been able to create some kind of algorithm or like business idea almost to present to the the people that would have graded it and just like we just wanted them to become interested in quantum computing and that was our main goal of having a hackathon providing like just sparking their interest in quantum computing okay so I know that's interesting so a lot of it is creating ideas how you use quantum or quantum computing explaining what it is getting people excited which I think would have been a great event and then obviously I ruined the ending of the sensor then you had go bid that shed schools down for the large part and so it sounds like he at least postponed that or put that on hold maybe sometime in the future well how will that end up play now well we were able to be on get sponsored by NYU as well so they were gonna let us host the hackathon at the Hemmer dinner hall which is in New York City obviously in New York City became unfortunately this hub for kovin so we had to make the decision to postpone it so when everything calms down probably like either near the end of this year or the beginning of next year we'll probably try and have a hackathon like happen okay cool well that'll be exciting interested here when that when things calm down a bit and hopefully you return back to normal see how the hackathon goes so in the meantime it sounds like you kind of in light of that or in addition to that you guys started as cue me or community I'm I think it's community tech is that right yeah so maybe share it so you kind of pivot it or you saying hey rather than just do or shut things down or wait for things to go back up let's make an online community for quantum computing especially for high schoolers maybe just if you can share a little bit more about what you guys are doing there and what resources it provides and how it helps high schoolers well so when we were planning the hackathon you were like this is like really really interesting like and we were pretty interested in hosting more of like these events where we could get high schoolers involved with quantum computing so we were like why don't we create like a quantum computing community or a community and we started we like made the website but like we rebranded it now like sometime in January and since then we've just been trying to create like a community for high schoolers where they can like easily access information about quantum computing and learn and in light of this kovat situation we saw how like hackathons were in like other courses too like a lot of colleges we're putting materials online so you could access and like lipsti learn stuff online and we thought why don't we just on create online workshops where we can still continue to teach high schoolers about quantum computing so that's currently what we're working on we're working on like marketing and creating the the workshops that we plan plan on hosting sometime later this month or early June oh cool so what kind of aired so you guys and you guys this will be workshops or do the web you'll do online and people can come and join yeah are you guys can do the websites your Center and webinars yourself we're gonna have special guests or combination of both or whatever how it kind of will be the way that you'll be able to to air people will be able to learn more Oh it'll be a combination of both we're reaching out to some of our connections that are really good at like professionals or quantum computing to come and help teach the high schoolers that participate about quantum computing it's just like any way where we can efficiently teach them about kind of the participants about quantum computing that's like our main goal because obviously like us theory we probably won't be able to teach as much or give as much of an in-depth explanation about certain aspects as these quantum computing professionals that have been doing it for you know they've studied it since college so it's like a good balance between the two I believe will help on high schoolers learn and have a positive experience that's awesome so if you do that what's the what's the aspiration or the dream so if you could say this is where we want it to go in the next six months or a year assuming that schools reopen and you get it like goes back to normalcy you wanted to build into a bigger community do you want it to become an educational platform you want to have a whole bunch of hackathons or kind of what's the what's the dream for the next six months or a year well that's essentially it we hope that our website and platform grows both in terms of like the in-person events and online where could be a forum where you can post on anything related to quantum computing so we hope that we get more members on the website and we hope that we can also host more events not just an area where we live but like throughout the country and become like this hub and like a place where other high schoolers can go to to learn about quantum computing so we just hope that we can expand and help reach more high schoolers and help like teach them about quantum computing as well awesome so now is a bit of an aside so have you ever been on a quantum computer do you do computer programming have you used it as it cool is upon is it exciting or everything you hoped it would be yeah so IBM quantum has the platform called IBM quantum experience and you can essentially just code on there on kiss kit which is their like language that you use to code their quantum computers and its cloud-based so in Python based so you can just code something and then like they'll send it over to an actual quantum computer and it'll actually run it and then you get the results back which I've used a couple times alright so what's one of the projects or what's one of the things you've coded that you've run through on the quantum computer um I did the two main ones that I really really enjoyed was there's this algorithm called the Bernstein Maserati algorithm and basically I coded it using there were like tutorials online and I follow them and then sent it over and essentially what it did was it guessed dislike one number that I had set before like a secret number and I sent it and then it was able to guess it on the first try which was pretty cool because that like that that's what the algorithm is on essentially created for it so that the quantum computer can guess a secret number in one try and then another one that I'm currently working on is basically like getting a quantum computer to like write out the number pi I was like accurately as possible and like and I saw that as the qubits increased so did the accuracy of it so currently working on that that's cool both cool projects both again ones that I would and I I end up doing I did in college at electrical engineering and I did a lot of computer programming but even that we didn't we didn't get access to quantum computing so you're already well ahead of the game for whatever purse is what I had access to so well so kind of as we wrap up and appreciate you sharing although that's really exciting and fun so if you if people are wanting to be involved now or and or with a know high scores or even those that are in college or just interested in quantum computing yeah community what's the best way to go to go to the website do they email you if you want to get involved they sign up for something what would be the best way for them to get in contact her to get good gates um probably just go to our website unity tech you can create an account there you can also see what upcoming events we have you have a couple workshops and the hackathon and chespin and definitely um postpone but like the web sites probably temporarily postponed rather than yeah hopefully it'll most likely happen we've worked pretty hard putting it all together but um yeah the website and we have a Twitter and Instagram that we're currently building hopefully getting more followers and the months to come but just it's all community at Taksim so it's Q mu an ity at her dot tech right yeah that's it I'll include that in the show notes as well for those that want to go and learn a little bit more about it they can obviously go and check it out and sign up for a some of your courses or webinars or when the hackathon is back in action hopefully coming to ten so well thank you again for coming on it's been fun too as it's been fun to hear what the next generation or the upcoming generation this in high school is already a lapped me and basically feel like I need to get back in order and my coding skills but it's been fun to hear and I hope that the hackathon you'll be able to do that the fall or next their next spring and that will be a raging success and that the creating the community around quantum computing will also catch on and you'll have a lot of people that start to have interest in it so thank you again for coming on it's been a it's been a great great conversation and for all those that are listening if you have any patents or trademarks you need help with feel free to reach out to us at Miller IP law comm we're always here to help startups and small businesses as you guys grow and want to protect your business so thank you again for coming on and we'll want to check in in a few months and see see if you eat the hackathon came through and how it went hey thank you so much my pleasure thank you you [Music] English (auto-generated) All Quantum computing Recently uploaded

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