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How to Podcast & Generate Business

The more focused you get, the better.  

Something you NEVER want to say is "I want to just podcast about everything and I want it to be for everybody." If it's about everything, it's about nothing. If it's for everybody, it's for nobody. It's the truth, the more focused you can get, the better.

I had somebody that I've done some work with, and her name is Vanessa Edwards. She has something called "The Science of People" which is her company. When she first got started, she said that it was for "recovering awkward people." She fully expected there to be 10 people that fit that category. People that are anti-social, that get nervous around people, and wanted to recover from it.

She firmly said, she said she only had 10 customers. That's all she was ever going to get. Maybe 100 if she met EVERYONE all of the people in the world that fit that category. She literally has MILLIONS of listeners and customers now.


The Inventive Journey

Starting and growing a business is a journey. On The Inventive Journey, your host, Devin Miller walks with startups along their different journeys startups take to success (or failure). You also get to hear from featured guests, such as venture firms and angel investors, that provide insight on the paths to a successful inventive journey.

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more focused you get the better something you'd never want to say is i just want to podcast about everything and i want to be for everybody if it's about everything it's about nothing if it's for everybody it's for nobody it's the truth the more focused you can get the better i had somebody that i have done some work with her name is vanessa uh edwards and she has something called the science of people is her company and when she first got started she said it was for recovering awkward people and she fully expected there to be ten people that fit that category people that are anti-social that are getting nervous around people and they wanted to recover from it she firmly said that she believed that she had 10 customers that's all she was ever going to get maybe 100 if she just met all the people in the world that fit that category she literally has millions of listeners and customers now [Music] hey everyone this is devin miller here with another episode of the inventive journey i'm your host devin miller the serial entrepreneur that's built several businesses to seven and eight figure companies as well as the founder and ceo of miller ip law where we help startups and small businesses with their patents and trademarks today on the podcast we have another expert episode we have alex on and uh alex he'll talk a little bit about himself but uh he's the founder of podmatch which is a platform to help people that are going to or want to be guests on podcasts as well as those that are have their podcasts and looking for guests and um are you know make that marriage or make her make those connections and so he started that and we're going to talk a little bit more about how to build a podcast what are some of the tips what are the things to think about and get some of that advice so for those of you that are thinking of building a podcast either just for personal pleasure and or to help your business that we can help you or give some or impart some of his knowledge to the rest of you so welcome on the podcast alex devin thank you so much for having me it's an honor to be here with you today so maybe we'll just jump right in so i i gave a brief introduction but maybe give a little bit of your background or experience or how you got into podcasting and came up with pod match and then we'll talk a little bit more about the specifics on making an awesome podcast sure yeah absolutely uh yeah to kind of jump in there i come from a business background ever since i was a kid i've been fascinated by entrepreneurship by business and uh just making things work right i think that some kids that i grew up with they were really good at sports and really good at music i guess musically inclined they were athletes all those type of things i was really good at figuring out how to turn something into a business even at a young age and i won't get the specifics of that but i just carried the head into my adult life and i i did a lot in real estate i did a lot on the tech side of real estate as well and then actually doing some investing i worked in aerospace for a long time so i've done a number of different things that have always kind of flexed that entrepreneurial journey and i guess mindset and my journey has always been that of continuing to build upon what i've done in the past so for me i got into podcasting just a few years ago now and my main podcast is called creating a brand it's a podcast it's more like a master class it's a shorter episode but just for people that want to go take that next step successfully in their entrepreneurial journey and so that's been a lot of fun to be part of and to do and just kind of organically with that i started speaking at conferences a lot of it more on the idea of making a business out of a podcast so not just how to podcast but a lot of it is very connected of course but as i was doing that i started really discovering a problem and that's it people are having trouble finding guests and on the flip side there's people that wanted to be guests were having trouble finding hosts to actually have them on their shows and that's where the idea of pod match came in and devon how how long you been married i got asked that real quick you've been married a long time yeah i've been married i vlog type is always it depends on how relative right but 13 years so i okay i've been married 13 years and have four kids the ages of four to ten so okay cool all right i've been married for for eight years now just this last week was eight years and so you and i have been married too long to understand what a dating app is um so however a lot of people have been calling it the the tinder of podcasting because it kind of has that same feel you're actually matching with people and messaging them within our program and so it's been pretty cool to hear people call that although i i don't have any experience with myself and neither do you but maybe some of the listeners today have an idea what we're talking about when we say that they didn't i i remember when this is a complete aside when i went off to college like it was a cool thing to have a cell phone and the cell phone wasn't a smartphone i remember it was like the one that had like one game and it was a snake game that you tried and that was it so that was about the extensive technology of my dating day was we had cell phones and texting i think that's about it so you just exchange your high score on snake that's it that's how you that'd be your opening line we're showing our age here man we got we gotta we gotta bring it back so bringing it back so now you've done that you've built a pod match you have your own podcast and so now we'll dive into you know this is an expert episode let's talk a little bit about so people i guess maybe break it down would be maybe helpful because there's a few different motivations you could have a podcast right one is to help to promote your business or get the word out or to show your expertise another people actually use podcasts as a way to generate generate revenue and you know whether it's advertising or whether it's not you know whether or not it's future views or whatnot and generate that and then people do it just sometimes just the fun of it or for a personal pleasure so kind of within that is am i missing anything else or you know what are the main motivations or ways that you can leverage a podcast yeah i think you really mentioned them and throughout this conversation i think we'll probably flip back and forth between my podcast and pod match because they're very connected um and we'll kind of explain that on the way but yeah you really kind of hit it on on the head right there really i mean a lot of people they start podcast because they want to they actually want to just do it for a hobby like it's fun for them and i love that those usually end up being some of the best podcasts for fun real um sometimes inconsistent but sometimes a really great great quality because people are really just out there having a good time and i think we all really enjoy that but then on the other side there's the people that have a dream to monetize it and to actually make it a full-time business we all see the celebrities in the podcasting space not actual celebrities that are podcasting but celebrity podcasters there's a little bit of a difference so look at people like john lee dumas of entrepreneurs on fire the guy's built a massive business with just using his podcast so a lot of us we see people like that pat flynn we see some of these bigger names devin miller even right you know we see these names right we uh we see these names and we're like oh i can do that too and we might be able to do the podcast but it's a lot of work to turn into a business as i've learned and failed doing that along the way and i'm sure we'll get into that a little bit but really those are kind of the two sides of of the extremes in the middle you got people that want to use it to raise awareness for their own product or service or for uh something that they represent as an influencer and so you have everything kind of in between that and few and far between but those are the two extremes you got just the hobbies having a good time you got the person that has a dream to quit their job and do podcasting full-time and then everything in the middle there and there's there's a lot of different reasons i've heard along the way of why people podcast and a lot of them are very honorable and others are just something people are doing to make some extra cash yeah no i think and i think that all all that all those motivations are good motivations so so let's pick the lisa niche because it's probably some of what the the viewer listenership has as to you know someone that's probably not in the extreme of a hobby probably not on the extreme of trying to become a podcast celebrity but just doing it something in order to help to grow or generate business or to otherwise extend their reads so how do how do you or what do you think you know how do you if you're looking at that if you're a small business owner start up and you're saying should i do this should i start a podcast does it make sense for me or should i focus my time and effort on something else how would you what advice would you give them as far as recommendations on whether or not you should start a podcast whether or not it makes sense for them yeah you're gonna be surprised by my answer probably and some of the listeners today i usually initially tell people don't start a podcast that's the first thing i say to people not because there's anything wrong or bad about podcasts but devin you know this as well as i do especially when you first get started it is a labor of love like there is no other way to define being a podcast host if you're going to do it right and you're going to stick with it it really is a lot of work and there's a lot of easier ways to to get some traction and do something that's not as complex as a podcast now with that said like me like you we both decided this was the vehicle we wanted to take and so if that's really the listener today they're saying i know i want to do a podcast by all means please do it if you're doing because you maybe think it's easy or sounds fun or you just think it might be a good route to take i'd encourage you to actually consider being a guest on podcast versus actually having your own if you have an area of expertise and you can add value to the world through being a guest on a podcast leverage somebody else's audience i mean my guests all get a lot of exposure by being on my podcast i'm getting exposure about being on your podcast today right and that's kind of the way it works it's much easier i'll tell you the prep work i did today i listened to a few of your episodes i read all your bio there's maybe a couple hours total and i'm sure you're gonna do a lot more work after this to get this episode produced and out the door so i think for a lot of people i tell them to really think about it and actually look into the amount of time it takes so do your research before you just get started and when i say do your research i don't mean start coming up with the name come up with the cover art come up with a description and bio and all that don't do all that first actually look at somebody who's built a system around their podcast and find out have a conversation with them hey how much work am i really going to get into i can tell you right now for me i have 22 different steps in releasing a podcast episode from the time i contact the guest till the time i hit publish it's 22 steps and it takes an average of six hours that's a lot of time for a single episode and devon you probably say something similar but i built an sopa out standard operating procedure and now i know how much time it takes so yeah for people i'd say just really consider it before you get started with it but if it's something you want to do it is powerful and it really builds a lot of influence for me more than the financial side more than even just the the listenership is the networking i get to do with other people because of it i find that people that are hosting podcasts and like me to guess on the podcast are usually pretty high level people and because of that getting to actually interact with those people that i'd otherwise never have access to has been really good for me personally and for just my network that i'm growing yeah and just to add to that because i think that's right and i think that there are ways to i i would say if you wanted to get i don't know that i'll back up i think that there are ways you can simplify doing a podcast if you want to get started meaning there there is a lot of time intensity it is a labor of love and you want it but if let's say you wanted to you could do as simple as a zoom meeting recorded go to one of the platforms whether it's simplecast or other ones out there i know they're a bunch and throw it up there but i think that the where you're hitting on is you're going to have a very limited amount of return all you did was do a recording if you're doing it for a business sense and all you did was hit record do that throw it up there don't do anything else you're probably not going to grow much of an audience you're not going to get a much return and it's really not going to give you the exposure you need so in order to do that that's where i think a lot of the labor intensity and that you know labor of love comes in but one thing you know is where you know i've done fly podcasts i've been on other podcasts and i'd say maybe a commonality is is you also i would look at whether or not there's a lot of podcasts in your area right so there's a lot there are not a lot of you know in the legal inventive journey we don't have a ton of people that are from the legal perspective but telling startups and selling small businesses there are others and their variation but you know there's a whole lot for different marketing avenues and you know they're very good and some that are terrible and some that are same with finance finance i think there's a ton of podcasts out there and so and some of them are great now you know you know i listen to some and others i think that are but you gotta if you're going to get into it see you know what is your motivation understand that and say okay what can i do to differentiate myself is this going to be and can i build enough an audience provide enough value that it you know that it provides that that that return on investment for all of your time and effort onto it yeah i think what you just said is really important because we really need to learn to to actually find our focus and this is where i failed initially on electronic podcast it launched extremely successfully i had a lot of listeners but it was very general it was general entrepreneurship and i'll tell you what if there's one saturated part of podcasting it's entrepreneurship like that category uh i i probably know the majority of the podcasters i know that's exactly where they fit so i had to kind of find a way to break it out of that and bring it to a smaller section so i think that advice you're giving me is really solid i mean really good because if you're listening this today and you're thinking okay i'm going to do a podcast find your unique point of view that you're going to offer and really hone in on it more focused you get the better something you'd never want to say is i just want to podcast about everything and i want to be for everybody if it's about everything it's about nothing if it's for everybody it's for nobody it's the truth the more focused you can get the better i had somebody that i have done some work with her name is vanessa uh edwards and she has something called the science of people is her company and when she first got started she said it was for recovering awkward people and she fully expected there to be 10 people that fit that category people that are anti-social that are getting nervous around people and they want to recover from it she firmly said that she believed that she had 10 customers that's all she was ever going to get maybe 100 if she just met all the people in the world that fit that category she literally has millions of listeners and customers now millions of people listen to her because they're like wow i fit that mold really well and all she did was really narrow it down but here's the thing the world's so big and we're so connected now that even though the little niche you're going after you feel like it's the smallest little thing on earth you could actually be shocked how many people actually probably fit that category and thanks to the the world we live in how connected is you can probably find a lot more than you even think yeah i know i completely agree on that and i think that that you know finding that niche is one we have to define it and even if it is let's say you only have a thousand people but if you can if a thousand people are looking for your podcast and you can find a thousand customers and you make it you know thousand dollars return you know that's a pretty good return for the punch it can be but i think you have to find where that niche is what your customers and how you're going to actually reach them and if to your earlier point if it's a podcast and that's the best way to reach them then do that if you're saying hey these people don't listen to podcasts they're not a podcast type of an audience then it doesn't make sense you're not going to reach the people anyway so with that so let's say you get over the hurdle you do your homework you say we're going to do a podcast we think that that's a good idea either i think it's going to be enjoyable it's going to be fun i think it's going to hit the right audience we can find the right niche or whatnot what lessons would you give or what you know tips would you give people when they're wanting to start a podcast or what should they consider yeah the very first thing i mentioned is right along with what we just said there and actually you had a recent episode that i really enjoyed it was with aj bam i think it was his last name uh focus on the problem is what you guys really talked about and i encourage listeners they go back to that one um it's on the same podcast inventive journey with uh aj about focus on the problem really really solid advice that's what we have to do initially we're finding our niche we need to not only find it but we need to figure out the problem that we're going to solve for people why would they want to listen to us people are always looking for the solution to the problem that they're currently facing people are always looking for that you know we can get in the example later but but pod match is a direct response to a problem that is a solution being offered to solve that problem so when you're going to launch a podcast think about okay what am i doing for somebody with this podcast if it's really just for you because i want to make money or because i want a big following or because i think it's going to make me famous whatever it might be if it's for you and not to solve somebody else's problem then you're already doing it for the wrong reasons and i think the very first piece of advice i can give you is when you find that focus make sure that it's truly solving somebody's problem not just what you think is their problem poll people ask them invite people that you believe are gonna be your ideal listener into the conversation while you're even creating it because when you do that you really hone in the problem and you're gonna launch with a lot of success and i i think that's the very first thing we have to do no i i i completely agree with that and one thing i think that you know that as you're focusing down solving that problem is you know looking at how you're going to put your spin on it and then how you're going to make it so it's interesting right because there's i mean hey i can identify the problem and you know you have to look at it and be self-realistic am i going to make this an enjoyable thing to listen to because you know there are some podcasts i've listened to that i slogged through because the host doesn't conveys good information but they're honestly fairly boring and there's others that the host makes it very it takes the same information makes it interesting and enjoyable and such that okay now it's engaging and not only am i learning but i actually enjoy listening to it and so i think that if you can also put focus on the problem but also how to make it an interesting approach makes it or makes it for a fun one um so as you're doing that so other thoughts you know one other thought that i've learned is we've been doing a few podcasts is you know and it was almost what there's pod match and there's a lot of others if you're doing it and you hit on it if you're wanting to get on other people's podcasts and that's what you kind of said and that's i think a good entrance a lot of times into the podcast world rather than just jump on start doing your own podcast or out of the shoot maybe you listen you get on a few figure out what works for them what their process is and doing that so if you're to say hey maybe that's an avenue to start out with how do you get on other people's podcasts yeah it really is in addition to pod batch right right of course i want to turn this thing into a sales pitch devin just wait um no uh well what you just said there's really important actually for one reason i want to mention real quick figuring out how to really speak well on a podcast comes with reps and when you start your own podcast it's great if you've been able to be on other podcasts to kind of learn that along the way not that you're using them in a bad way you want to make sure you're adding value but you're really learning to hone your message and then you're seeing the response you can i can tell if i say something devin's like that's good let's talk about that more make a note of that even as mentally and be like okay that's something people really like to hear about like another more experienced host to me thinks that something good i need to keep that in my mind so it's a good place to start it really is um the first thing you need to do is is get on a service like pod match or you need to go to there's there's a lot of services that actually will help you with this you can do really well with that but start off with the people you know who do you actually know that's in the podcasting space do they have guests and get on their shows now i will say this with this disclaimer going back to the idea of focus and to having a niche don't go on a comedy podcast if you're not a comedian don't go on one about cars if you don't talk about cars you need to get on the podcast actually work for you because the biggest way to waste your time is think that every podcast you could be on is valuable it's not valuable for you and it's not valuable for the host or the audience if you're getting on the wrong one and i made that mistake with i've been on nearly 100 podcasts in the last year and i can tell you i've made that mistake probably more times than i should have where i've been on a podcast that i really didn't have any business being there the host appreciated some of the audience members maybe liked it but it wasn't the right fit for what i'm doing and what i'm speaking to it's best that we all learn to stay in our lane even when you're gonna be a guest on podcasts but yeah the first thing you do is reach out to your network reach out to their network find a podcast you like listen to that that's not the biggest podcast in the world you know like don't ask joe rogan if you'll be on a show like find one that's a little bit smaller than it absolutely is okay all right no i don't know joe rogan but no it's but no that's good advice and one thing i think that maybe add or build to that is um you know you have to be as with any good project whether it's you know and it's almost whether building a platform or pod match whether it's doing podcasting getting another is it takes time in order to build an audience and not get in order to actually get that traction i think that especially in where we live in a bit of an instant gratification we think okay i'll do one episode i'll throw it up on facebook i'll throw it up on linkedin and i'll have a huge audience i won't have to do any work to build the audience and yet maybe that's the less than one percent of the chance that may happen but for the other 99.9 of the chance you're going to have to be willing to be diligent that's the one thing i see and i'm sure you do absolutely is that you'll see some you know podcasts then they'll start up and they'll do 10 episodes and then they quit or there's 15 episodes they'll do five episodes and they is because they don't they don't have the if you're going to and go through the endeavor you have to have the wherewithal to say i'm going to be i have to be consistent and i think consistency i have to have an episode consistently so i build the audience but then i have to say for a period of time i'm not going to have a huge audience i'm not going to just magically overnight get that audience one of the podcasts that i like in the legal field is it's called profit with law and you know i've been on it i've been a guest hopefully this goes but i also like it i've listened to every episode i enjoy it it gives them a lot of legal marketing insight that gives you know spurs and a lot of ideas for me but he was even talking he's over 100 i don't remember 100 plus episodes but he's saying hey we built for basically the first three or four months we were at less than you know maybe a thousand i can't remember a thousand two thousand downloads something that okay respectable but it wasn't like overnight it's like now as we've now continued to push past that they're up to 30 or 40 000 downloads and it started to snowball and grow but it was if you just said hey for the first three months i haven't got any downloads it doesn't make sense nobody's listening if you if that's all you're looking for kind of to get was get rich quick scheme it's not this i don't think podcasting is probably the platform unless you disagree no man anything in today's world especially online it's going to take consistency and i actually love what uh what robert kiyosaki says he uses the acronym for the word focus as follow one course until successful and i think if we want to do it we have to be focused on it we have to follow that course until it is successful i had a conversation recently with actually one of the largest podcasters in the entrepreneurship space just 15-minute call and i asked him like how have you been able to to achieve this he's like well alex might be honest with you i listened to your podcast he's like it's just as good as mine he's like you're not doing much different he goes i just have seven years i'm seven years ahead of you he's like i consistently have never missed a mark for the last seven years so he told me he's never missed one episode in the last seven years and he started off doing him daily moved to twice a week moved to once a week as he was getting more success but he's never missed the time that he set and he said that's the reason that he has the millions of downloads on every episode that he has not because he did anything magic or special he just showed up you mentioned that most podcasts never make it to 10 episodes i recently looked at the stats which you can go to i think it's they have a stats page it's i've checked with a couple of the major hosting providers and they say that's like the most accurate stat platform there is and it's less out of the 1.5 million podcasts are now live less than 40 percent of them have ever done more than 10 episodes so think about that less than half i've ever done more than 10 episodes and it's actually 20 i believe it was right at 20 i'm kind of giving these numbers a little bit vague here but around 20 percent have never done more than one episode so i mean think about how many people start podcasts and never really do anything with it i mean i'm still breaking into this yes i have a successful podcast at this point but i'm less than 100 episodes in still and so we're still what i consider the beginning stages of it if i just stop because it's like oh it's not bringing in a full income yet i've been doing it for almost a year you know like i have to be okay with that i'm gonna continue with that momentum and build it up and i think that if there's one lesson to be learned in it you just have to know that you have to be consistent you have to focus along the way it's gonna take a little bit and it should i mean what whatever comes easily right if it came easy and you do one episode you're a millionaire everyone would be podcasting right if you can actually withstand the test of time and stick with it you're going to be successful over time and continuously improve as you go along no i think that's very very sightful and and gives a lot of good advice so i'm going to or shift here slightly but it's still the same rain so now that we've kind of painted the picture this is a hard this is hard takes a lot of time but now let's get to the rewarding so what is the what do you if you're the now not pitch pi or pod match with just his podcast in general you know what would be the rewards or what would be the benefits of doing a podcast or why should people consider doing it and diving in and building that audience and taking that time yeah devin i love this shift because now we're talking about my favorite part of it i absolutely love podcasting i love being able to network with people like devon who i'd otherwise never get the opportunity to meet like we're gonna hopefully stay in touch after this we'll be able to do more together in the future who knows what collaboration will happen in the future i absolutely love that part of it and my guest i've had people on my podcast that same thing people i've looked up to as heroes in my life i'm looking at my bookshelf and i've got 30 different books right here that i've always been like wow it'd be great to meet this author and i've met most of those authors at this point it's one of those things it's just like wow the doors open for it are incredible and just the ideas that come from it are really amazing as well like which you can kind of like pod matches an idea from podcasting like that's pretty cool right and then really just the networking what i love i think probably my favorite part about it is this industry of optimism and opportunity you don't feel like i'm stealing your audience by being on your show today the people that are guests on my show or the people i meet at conferences none of them feel like we're we're like a competition or against each other right even people in my same space like pod match is a is a sas company right it's actually a software as a service and there's other people who do the exact same thing i have met those people and they've even been like oh i know someone who might be a good customer for you it's like what other industries just i feel like don't have that it's really a place where there's a lot of opportunity and people really are eager to help one another i've had so many great conversations i mean it's extremely rewarding i could not imagine not doing podcasting and really i've devoted all of my time to this industry now because i've just fallen in love with the people that make it up and the impact for having the listeners lives man it's it's a big deal no and i i think that's some great benefits and i think that it's absolutely true and i think that the networking is interesting you always think you know the network you build is listenership which i think is you know it's certainly true but it's also just as much as you pointed out the people you have as guests on there oftentimes you build a good rapport a good relationship with them and the guests are as important as the actual people to listen to and i think that you know that's an important thing and one of the other things that i think that people oftentimes may be overlooked or don't think about is a lot of times even if you don't have a big audience you can have what would be you can have a established authority so now people that do listen to you that do understand you that you you become what they perceive to be an expert in area or they you have an opportunity without having to hard sell them or pitch them or cold call them to get to display hey i know what i'm talking about i have an authority in this area i am able to you know represent it well and people actually start to get that authority even if you don't have an audience a huge audience because the people that do listen start to understand that you know what you're talking about yeah that's definitely happened for me recently i was at a um i think it was like a general review reveal party for like a friend and there's a bunch of people there um i only knew like a few of the people on this this massive party that was there um probably not covet approved but you know whatever um we were out there i didn't think about that until just now anyway there's a lot of people there and one of the guys there i never met before uh had seen my podcast and asked if he could just he's like can i just have a conversation with you for like 10 15 minutes he's like i just want to talk to you about like some entrepreneurship stuff i'm doing i don't know where i don't know this guy but like you're saying i had that authority already established he looked at me as a leader in that space and just want to pick my brain as he was kind of getting into his own business and wanting just to see what i would say and thankfully i've listened to enough of my own guests my podcast i've actually learned some stuff from them so i could actually give them some pretty good advice so yeah you really do separate yourself as an authority and to this day if i'm even like oh you have a podcast like whoa you know it's kind of like still that thing that's like wow because you think about yeah 1.5 million podcasts with 40 of them that are actually doing it so let's just say i don't i'm not quick with math but like 700 000 people have like legit podcasts right think about how many people listen to podcast how many people are in the united states alone like that's not a very big number like that's a pretty small number now if i told you i have instagram you're like cool so does everybody you know right but when you're like i have a podcast people like oh dang like he has a podcast you know so yeah it really does establish you with some form of authority really immediately i'd say yeah no i completely agree so um so now as we are starting to wrap up i'm gonna ask or shift the topic and just say so you've done it you've been on podcasts you listened to podcasts you you have your own podcast aside from this podcast which i'm sure is your absolute favorite what are some of your other favorite podcasts yeah no i'm actually really enjoying this i actually really do listen to your pockets i mean i referenced another episode recently you do a fantastic job and uh just kudos to you because i listen to a lot of podcasts and it's tough to do a good job especially to put it at the level that you've done so good job here and to the listeners stick with devon he's doing a killer job here so um outside of your podcast and outside of my podcast i try to keep like sixths in the queue at a time and i'll like binge them you know some people like binge watch netflix shows and they'll just watch the whole thing they'll move on to the next one i do that with podcast and i'm not really a big tv watcher so i'll just listen to podcast until i run out i'm like cool that was awesome all right what's next so that's what i'll do and right now i've been really listening to the brendan show by brendan bruchard it's a lot of personal development self-help i've really enjoyed some of his perspectives i find that we're actually pretty he's years ahead of me like light years ahead of me but he's someone i can really learn from because i think we're pretty similar i've also enjoyed um building a story brand by donald miller his company's story brand he just basically he's a marketing guy who's just very intelligent with the way that you connect the words to what people think and he has a lot of people on the show that are just really out guest and i think he's one of the best interviewers i've ever had over to listen to like when he asks questions i'm like did you pre-record that question like how did you ask such a great question you know what i'm listening to it so it's one of those people i'm like wow he's like a celebrity in my mind in this space so those are two right now that i'm really enjoying at the moment and then um there's you know the basics i i probably get sent a joe rogan episode every day um john lee do as entrepreneurs on fire i get something of his every week you know people are always sending podcasts around so all the basics they come around as well the big ones i should say not the basics fair enough i'll answer the same questions because it's a fun fair fun topic yeah i'll give the the ones i like so i have a few different i almost categorize kind of the podcast i listen to depending on the mood i'm at so i have three main categories one is i like to listen to business podcasts and whether that's entrepreneurship startups advice and whatnot i always listen to marketing podcasts and that's in order to figure out leveraging other people's knowledge in order to grow the firm and then i'll listen to some more of the news and what's going on around the world so i'll give my cut our top couple in those so on the business one i like and what i've now i've dragged my son into which is kind of funny he's only 10 years old and i started just listening to him because i like listening to him and he happened to be sitting in the car and listened to him and now he loves them as well pretty much as much as i do but we both like to listen to business wars which is always a fun new i knew you're going to say that one soon as you mentioned your son that's one of them that i went through that is a great podcast really good one he loves i think his favorite one was when they did mars versus hershey and all of the candy yeah so that was one but uh we love that one same same uh it's also by one drew but we also love to listen to american innovations which is a fun one kind of along the same notes and tenure um and then the other one i always listen to i'm getting the list off even more than you did the pitch is a fun one so that one's a pitch comp it's kind of basically shark thing but for podcast oh wow i haven't i need to check that out i like that although the only one you go listen to the old episodes the newer episodes are still good but because of coven because things have been shut down they haven't been doing as many new pitching competitions almost uh it was kind of like they're i think they're trying to figure out what to do now that their normal model has been kind of shut down but it was a really fun episode you get to hear all sorts of different people pitch real investors and whether or not they invest so i like that one um and then if i were to switch now to marketing i like you know there's a one that i really like and i mentioned already profit with law is a good one it's they found a niche and it's really just for law firms and marketing and even within that nature of you but they do a very good job and conveying information um and then on the news side anybody that knows me knows i'm a very conservative person i'm not getting into politics by any means i'm with you i'm with you because all that doesn't create fights but i do like listening to the ben shapiro show where she has a huge audience i listen to that one too i didn't want to be the guy to bring up politics so you you did it i now have i have permission to say that let's do it as well but i think even as a podcaster i think that he does a good job for the his market and you could say i'm sure there are same things on the other side of the aisle but i think he does a good job breaking it down for conservatives giving him the information making entertaining conveying it and giving his insight so even if you're saying i don't like hey i'm more on the liberal side i think you can learn how to do a good oh yeah so those are my top lists well well we've gone you know extra minutes and bonus about the summer time with the podcast which has been and i'm sure that there are always more questions and things that we could dive into that we ever have time but maybe as a wrap up one last takeaway last piece of advice or anybody with regards to podcasts yeah actually it's what we just talked about i think what we just did there that practice of me sharing some podcast you sharing yours super important because it reinforced something we just said find the focus find the niche even listen to all of them if you're listening today listen to each of these podcasts we talked about just one episode to get an idea of how they really honed in what their focus is and for you the listener today it takes sitting down and self-reflecting to figure out where you really add that unique value what problem you really solve that only you can solve and then the day this is something i always say when on a podcast alex sanfilippo i seek to be a person of value not a person of profit even if you're trying to make profit what you're doing seek to add value to people's lives if you're gonna get in the podcasting game because i believe you can really impact people and as a result profit will follow opportunity will follow but in the day make sure it's about helping that person it all begins with you sitting down reflecting on what you're really gonna do to add that value so i think i could leave you with one thing that's what it would be all right well i think that that's uh certainly a valuable insight and i think that it we've covered a vast vast different topics of podcasts but i think a lot of a good insight and i think that for those that are thinking about whether a podcast hopefully gives provides some value to them well as we wrap up if people want to we've already mentioned podcast or pod match a whole bunch of times upon but any other ways to reach out you have your own podcast what are the best ways for people to find out more about you reach out to you connect up with you or anything else everything is at you can find all my links everything there it's all you got to do is go there but i recommend sticking with devin here because this is a great show like i said and it's one that i like to follow so here we are this is where we should stay all right we'll stay here after they listen to my episode then they can go to yours and listen to your app yeah so all right well thank you for coming on it's been a pleasure it's been fun to have you on and i think that a lot of good things to learn about podcasting a lot more to learn and we'll both continue on our podcast journey and continue to hopefully be successful so thank you again and good luck with everything thanks again appreciate it you English (auto-generated) All Sales

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