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The Inventive Journey 
Episode #342
Find The Best Solution
w/ Nishu Sinha

What This Episode Talks About:

How To Manage Business & Self

"Find the best solution for every problem. Read professionally or personally. There's a saying of mine, figure out the solution the very first time otherwise you have to figure it out again and again until you master it."


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What Is The Inventive Journey?

Starting and growing a business is a journey. On The Inventive Journey, your host, Devin Miller walks with startups along their different journeys startups take to success (or failure). You also get to hear from featured guests, such as venture firms and angel investors, that provide insight on the paths to a successful inventive journey.

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to be firm with your decision and figure out the best solution for every problem be it like professionally or personally no there is like saying of mine figure out the solution at very first time as life will repeat that mistake or that situation again and again until you master that [Music] hey everyone this is devin miller here with another episode of the inventive journey i'm your host devin miller the serial entrepreneur that's grown several startups in the seven and eight figure businesses as well as the founder and ceo of miller ip law where we help startups and small businesses with their patents and trademarks you ever need help with yours just go to grab some time with us to chat we're always happy to help now today we've got another great guest on the podcast uh nishu sinha and uh nishu just as a quick introduction so studied his bachelor got studying got a bachelor of technology graduated about 2016 in the last year of college uh worked with a friend uh or with the company his friend was at on a development team doing some app app development software applications on phones and then worked there for about a year as a student and then out of college just started to start his own app development business which is what he's doing now so with that much is a quick but uh or quick and concise introduction welcome on to the podcasting issue uh thanks david first of all thanks for pronouncing my name correctly so i don't know that i pronounce it perfectly but i pronounce it as good as i'm able to so we'll take i'll take it as a win no that's great so [Music] yeah yeah so maybe just said so i just took your uh you know a much longer journey condensed it into the 32nd version but maybe take us back a bit in time to when you're studying in college and getting your technology degree and how your journey gets started there okay so let me start from the very beginning so basically i am like running a successful software development company here in india called parallel team technologies which provides a complete range of web and mobile lab development services with like all over the world with offices in usa itself and with like our tech representatives available in usa canada uk we'll dive into that but we before we get into the present we have to learn the journey and so if we get to the jump to the present right now we miss the journey so let's start with the journey and then we'll make sure that everybody can hear what you're doing today so maybe if you can take us back a bit into the the original or where the journey got started okay that's great so to give you like brief of my journey i mean i started my career directly as mobile app consulted while i was still in my last year of graduation so basically i mean actually that was a like good story let me tell you the opportunity comes through a friend where his boss needs a mobile app developer for his team and at that moment in fact i don't know like anything about the mobile app development but uh i think i should or i must take that opportunity and i handle that their team for like a year with like well good manner so after that i mean with time i learned the granularities of this software development uh businesses and try to start it my own so let me dive in and just ask a question on that because so you were to set the stage or you were at the time you were in in school and you were getting a technology degree is that right right so you studying that and i assume it's probably similar to the u.s it's a four-year program is that a fair a fair assumption yeah i mean a bachelor of technology like four year uh program here so so you're doing that you you studied it for about three years or so and as you're getting to the end of your your fourth year you have your friend that comes along and says hey we're looking for a web development or an app development individual and asked if you were looking or you were interested or you wanted to take that as an opportunity is that kind of how things got kicked off in that that phase okay so that uh that's also a story i mean as i'm like pursuing by the last year of graduation so but my friend is like working with another company at that moment so his boss is needed i mean he uh i mean he had the web development company but he wanted to like shift or like to try the hands on the mobile app development as well so at that moment he's like looking for the active developers who can like run their app development team there so at that moment i mean he's i mean uh approached me and i go through all those requirements and studied all those things and after studying all those things i thought i mean let's give it a try so i go for the meeting and meeting them with them is like good so i started my journey as there so now one question because this there when you were studying the technology degree did you intend to go into app development or what was kind of the initial trajectory what did you have in mind as you're in school before this opportunity came along uh see if i'm talking about the education system in india it's like the very generic i mean you cannot like go with like a specific direction in terms of mobile or in terms of web so it's a very uh very generic study in uh the colleges which we are up to on that and still is like going through that so basically if you have i mean if you have to like go for a particular direction so you need to like go for like vocational courses there so i mean uh at like very last stage if i'm talking about the engineers in india so basically they don't know which field they have to go so basically they opt out either they go with the like uh what you call let's suppose they're like hired with some company and they put it uh that person to a particular technology so they are like referring to them so very few of people are known which technology they wanted to pursue so that's a very difficult question here but uh i think i got my opportunity as a like first and as in c to develop the mobile application so i jumped into that direction got it no that makes sense so now you're saying okay coming out there's a lot of different paths that you could take it's not necessarily it's defined and so you're saying friend comes along says are you interested you'll look into it a bit and you say okay something that i may be interested and worthwhile to pursue and are then looking and saying okay how do i get things kicked off for how to get things going so you went in for the interview and you know how did that go was it one where it was a matter of this is a good opportunity or hey i'm really excited or especially if they're saying hey you don't have a lot of experience there and so how did that kind of getting diving in or getting that going you're exploring that how did that initially kick off or go for you okay so basically once you like end up your like college journey so basic uh once you end up or like trying to like uh into the last year of graduation so you are like actively looking for the jobs or the company which you can like hire so specifically i got an opportunity to talk with them and i see this mobile app development isn't like emerging uh industry at that moment so specifically i i think in 2016 it is like already flourished market so yeah i mean many multiple companies even the small startups are like trying to look trying to like expand their development team there so i spoke with them and uh studied the market and after market study i got an opportunity to see that this mobile application or the the mobile application industry itself is like views opportunity for the like future upcomings so it's just the thing i studied there if there are like lots of learning process involved in that because if you go with the like development i mean with college going students you cannot like specifically uh think in mind that they already have like all those technological aspects they know about that coding they don't i mean in fact they know only the basics about all those things so very few people or very few students have known to like very specific kind of technological domain at that moment and other than that all they like grew or like uh whenever they have the opportunity to learn anything so they will like directly dive into that so i did that at the same moment so the same thing like it goes with the i mean you can like just flow with the time got it no that makes sense so now you're saying okay got into it doing mobile app development you worked with the you know the the company that your friend was at and you did that for about a year uh about a year or so now as you're finishing up the degree you're coming out you're graduating and you're looking to see you now what was the motivation or reason because i think you know you at that point you decided to start your own business or do your own app development uh firm or company but what was the reason that you decided to go your own way as opposed to continuing out with the the position you've had at your your friend's company well how did you kind of make that decision or come to that conclusion okay so from the very beginning it's like not even if i have like joined my college so if i like took my journey so from the very beginning it's in my mind that i have to do some kind of businesses so at that moment if i'm talking about if i'm if i'm not wrong so in 2008 i see this uh the internet thing is like great opportunity where all those likes are flourishing and i came to in my school also i try to work with companies like a dog creating the documentaries so going in like detail like in the market research they are at that moment also so i knew in my head and i have to like give it a try and i have to like do some kind of businesses so i choose my graduation perfectly in terms of csc that is computer science and engineering which provides you a like you know it's like very easy setup you don't have to like heavily invest on all those in front here you just need a like computer with you and you i mean learn the tech and start decoding there so it's a very simple business at that moment so i started my journey at that moment at the same way graduated from their college and after that it's look like i know i mean a single computer cannot determine your faith for sure but you took uh that leap of faith with you now one question so you take that leap of faith now as you're taking that leap of faith because you know it is always a different thing when you're getting into running a business and yes definitely understand i can understand the tech or i can you know do the coding or i can make the app and i understand some of that but there's a whole different aspect of how do i go about getting clients how do i go about running the business or hiring you're building a team or anything of that nature so as you're as you're kind of getting those figured out how did that go was it something where you had clients and it was kind of out of their day one that you just had you know work banging down the door and you had lots of work coming in or to take yourself or take your period of time to kind of get your feet underneath your get a you know get some traction or kind of how did that go for you okay i mean see if i told you a story i mean see once you are like already in the like already set of environment it's like looks very pretty easy that you can like do the same thing in your company and you can start your own but uh to be very frank once you get into the environment where you need to build the infra from the very rough or very uh new or from from the very beginning so it's like a complete new uh journey that you are going to begin okay so i mean as you told i mean all the aspects of business we design development sales and marketing all you have to do uh from yourself because initially i don't think so you will get like good pool of the talent resources with you because you are like very beginning state and nobody will able to like figure it out what will be the next thing or the next opportunity working along with you so that's the one thing and okay so just a second please uh okay so i mean to all those uh to do all those things you probably need a team but it's very uh difficult to hire all those good resources at the like very beginning so that's the one thing and yeah i mean challenges are watched i mean uh i mean uh see if you are like a coder you think i mean coding is the word you can like give your client a potential uh custom things or whatever the client needs but finding a client is like another specific task so there is like the sales involved but in sales how the people will able to figure it out or find you so then there comes the marketing aspect so in total balance you have to balance the sales you have to balance the marketing you have to balance the operations and you have to balance the developmental team so it's like huge work which you as in like an entrepreneur you have to like handle all those things now now i'll ask the and i think that all makes sense i'll ask the same question i asked with the original one which is given all that how did it go when you started your own business was it when we were able to figure those out how did it take a lot of time was it a bumpy road or how did it go for you uh sorry i missed your question yeah i just said so definitely i understand that there's a lot of things that you have to figure out my question was as you're starting your business how did all of those aspects go in other words were you able to figure it out did it take you you know a year or two to get things figured out and start to get clients and develop things was it day one you had lots of clients come in or how did it actually go okay uh see when i started i know like certain things as i know as i told you i mean at the beginning i know how the sales to how the marketing do and how we can able to like figure out the best solution for each particular problems but the problem here i mean we do have the life development team i started to i mean on initial level i think we have started with like pool of the interns or the freshers and with like one level of this india resources with them so that's the kind of strategy we have for the development and now i'm i'm like literally focused on the sales because you cannot like do marketing at the same time so getting the client first you need to find that client as well so finding that client then approaching then all those process so we got like big break there so from the usa itself i got a client so he he's like still connected with us and right now we are like more as like family members so it's been like six or seven years we have known for uh each other so we started with them then we got deferred then we uh started or like spending all those things as well so now after the sales with like one client i mean see uh in like early startup it's very simple i mean uh if you like go with the like strategy if you have like enough fun to survive for like three months or four months you think it's like good so you don't i mean you don't put like literally much more efforts to like go all those three things but once all those funds like about too scared about to finish then you actually start working on that so initially that comes where you need to like a regular plan so we learned that fact and started our marketing approach there and that's how uh we need to like build a team for like doing all those things i don't know that makes sense so now as you've got that started and get some of those things figured out and get the business up and running you're you know you've been in it now i think that was 2017 2018-ish that you got the business running how's it going where here kind of gives us an idea where are things at now have you brought on team members are you continuing to grow where you kind of see things headed or where's the business headed uh i mean in 2016 i have started my business so it's like literally it's like roller coaster journey so basically we started with one client and now uh delivering their product first priority i mean once you get the client so the first priority is like living their product but once you involved in that then there is like major aspect which left that is the sales and marketing so you are like left with all those points so again so like juggling between the development and the sales and marketing is the difficult choice so i think it runs 16 we try to like focus on like a very few client uh for an initial one in two years not like going with like further directions so one in two clients we stick with them so that was the time when we learned a lot i mean because i have like come from a company which is like initially at the very beginning level so uh keeping their knowledge and trying to figure out how we can like succeed and how we can like improve that scenario so all those things after like year we came to know i mean we utilize several developmental tools or the project management tools to manage our like developmental works and at the same time figure out the different channels from we can like acquire new clients and different way out to provide the client a better satisfaction from which they can rely on to us that make sense i mean these two years will go and after this two years we started to like begin to expand so now you said for the so that would you know after a couple years have been expanding now bringing us up a bit to where you're at today so what are you guys doing where do you guys kind of see things headed and what's the next steps for you guys okay so uh i mean see this is the developmental work and this comes under the service so we are good in that so i mean if i'm talking about serving the client right now we like serve all over the world and doing the great things here we do have the development team in-house and they have the like different skill set so particularly what we are like uh thinking about since we are like still working uh with like some of the like major financial domain company here in india as well so we are like figuring out how we can help them to like give a good product so apart from the services we are like trying to move to the product segment as well so that's our like goal for the next two years well it sounds like a good direction ahead and uh hopefully uh one that will be here continue to be successful so well now as we've kind of you know heard or gone through your journey and even leaked a bit into where you guys are uh headed always a great uh offer or a great time to or transition to the two questions i always ask at the end of each podcast so i'll jump to those now so the first question i always ask is along your journey what was the worst business decision you ever made and what'd you learn from it okay so with that i mean uh in the very beginning i mixed my emotions with my businesses and for that only reason i provided the stakes to my friend so that was my like the biggest mistake and you literally don't want to believe i ended up losing that business so i have to start my fresh business from very start at the same moment so that was my biggest mistake at that moment makes makes sense and uh sounds like you know sometimes when you have the the failures or the businesses that don't work out or the things you have to learn from them it's oftentimes a great opportunity and provides for making the next business even stronger so the second question i always ask is if you're talking to somebody that's just getting into a startup or a small business would be the one piece of advice that you'd give them okay so my biggest solution would be i mean try to be firm with your decision and figure out the best solution for every problem be it like professionally or personally no there is like saying of mine figure out the solution at very first time as life will repeat that mistake or that situation again and again until you master that got it no i think that's a that's a great takeaway and a great piece of advice and definitely encourage people to follow it um well as we're wrapping up the podcast if people want to reach out to you they want to use your app development services they want to be a customer they want to be a client they want to be an employee they want to be an investor they want to be your next best friend any or all of the above what's the best way to reach out to you contact you or find out more okay so the best way to contact us i mean it's through our websites that is or through our like email sales pilot as well awesome well i definitely encourage people to uh check out the website um look at the services and if you're in a need for an app an app developer app getting developed definitely is a great uh great option with that thank you again miss you for coming on the podcast it's been a fun it's been a pleasure now for all of you that are listeners if you have your own journey to tell and you'd like to be a guest on the podcast we'd love to have you just go to and apply to be on the show a couple more things as a listener make sure to click subscribe make sure to click share and make sure to leave us a review so you want to make sure that everyone finds out about all these awesome episodes and last but not least if you ever need help with your patents your trademarks or anything else in your business just go to grab some time with us to chat well thank you again for uh this you for coming on the podcast and wish the next lady of your journey even better than the last thank you for having me here once again and hoping to see you in like near future my pleasure

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