Getting Started - Invention Disclosure Form


 If you are prepared this guide should take you approximately 60-75 minutes.

Notice: Failure to properly fill out the form in detail (more than just a sentence or two when required) may result in additional attorney fees.

We want to give you the best quality application possible. If we don't understand your invention in detail, we simply can't give you the best quality application.

At Miller IP Law, we only provide one level of quality: the best.

If we aren't able to get enough info in this form, then our attorneys will not have enough detail to adequately protect your invention. Our attorneys will have to hunt down the details. This will increase your costs, so we highly recommend filling in enough detail for us to write your application.

We understand this can be a long process, so we've included a pause button to allow you to complete the process over multiple sittings if needed (but not over multiple devices due to cookies).


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