Look For The Right People

Look For The Right People

Look For The Right People

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Nate Zeleznick

Devin Miller
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Look For The Right People

I want to always over-deliver and fear that I won't be able to do that. How I am handling it is I am actively looking for the right people to help me do that. I know I can't do it all myself and, my team can't do it all ourselves. So we are on the hunt for the right people.


The Inventive Journey

Starting and growing a business is a journey. On The Inventive Journey, your host, Devin Miller walks with startups along their different journeys startups take to success (or failure). You also get to hear from featured guests, such as venture firms and angel investors, that provide insight on the paths to a successful inventive journey.

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 i i want to always over deliver and the fear that i won't be able to do that how i'm handling it is i'm actively looking for the right people to help me do that because i know i can't do it all myself and my team can't do it all ourselves and so we're on the uh we're on the hunt for the right people [Music] hey everyone this is devin miller here with another episode of the inventive journey i'm your host devin miller the serial entrepreneur that's grown several startups in the seven eight-figure businesses as well as the founder and ceo of miller ip law where we help startups and small businesses with their patents and trademarks you ever need help with yours just go to strategymeeting.com grab some time with us to chat always happy to help now today we have another great guest and this is a guest that's already been on we're doing a where you at now episode where we get a catch up and hear a little bit about you know where they are since last we heard from them where are they at now what's been going on how's the business going and so we have uh nate zolednik if i don't stumble over my words um back onto the podcast and uh he'll talk a little bit so he is the founder or co-founder you'll have to remind me if i can't remember if there was a founder of vibration and uh he will talk a little bit about kind of where we were at six months ago a little and then what's happened over the last six months has a lot to talk about everything from sold out events to travel to training to covet shifting the business to more virtual to um you know how to where where to focus on things how to do online courses doing training and have a great conversation so with that much is introduction welcome on the podcast nate thank you devon for having me back it's honored to be here and um yeah so much has happened in the past about what's been about seven months something like that and um so much has happened that it's really a different world than we were at and it was a great world then and that's just getting better so thanks for having me hey we're excited to have you back on always fun to catch up you know you always kind of initially meet the the person with the guests on the podcast kind of hear what they have going on if you're like kind of open to them so always kind of fun to catch up so with that before we dive into what's been going on take us back about seven months kind of where things were at we might give the audience a bit of a reminder what we talked talked about less than what you were doing at that point sure sure so uh when we when i was first on your podcast i really got into uh my story my the hero's journey of how we were able to bring this breath work and consciousness expansion exercise program from the royal family of central java indonesia here to america originally to benefit blind people but now to benefit all people and so where we were at at that time you know was when covet came in and everything shut down i think it was march 13th right it was the day friday the 13th everything shut down it put us in a position where we had been running a martial arts school in ogden utah for the past 20 years and teaching people of all walks of life all ages and also the inner power and meditation secrets of the royal family of java well when kovid came upon us and we had to restructure everything and start teaching by zoom and seeing such a high attrition rate as most martial arts schools did because martial arts is a contact sport most people know that and so six foot distancing and masks and then mandatory closures and lockdowns that didn't really help the martial arts industry and around from what i read about 8 000 martial arts schools closed just in the first four months of covet because martial arts is not traditionally a high-income earning profession it's something people do out of love for helping the community and seeing people grow and carrying on and carrying on a tradition of honor respect discipline solidarity and so for us we had to think quickly and you know for the past 22 years when when we decided to bring vibravision to america martial arts was a backup plan we were not actually planning on opening a martial arts school but humanity really wasn't ready 22 years ago to hear oh yeah people could see without their eyes we could train blind people to do things that they never thought would be possible and we can prove it to medicine and science so we can measure it it wasn't really at that time it was like uh no but now we're in a different we're really in a different era of humanity of as far as what science is showing us humans are possible or capable of doing and what is possible and so now we're in that stage where we're measuring it where we're quantifying it where we're proving that we're more than society has given us permission to believe and we could do things that we thought were only in the movies like star wars uh you know there are superpowers but i don't think anybody's teleporting or levitating or anything like that and if they are they're not talking but we can develop extra sensory abilities that allow us to live a more expansive life and so in the past seven months we have gone from working on refinement of our five-day immersions to now failing immersions months in advance where even into november we're about halfway full for our november level one and we're starting to do more private immersions for doctors and biohackers scientists people who are wanting to come in and study what we're doing and learn it not just for the scientific aspect but for their own personal growth because that's really what it always boils down to is the old adage or the old saying know thyself or to thine own self be true but a lot of the time we're humans doing we're not a human being and we're not paying attention to who we really are and what we can do and how we really feel and most people don't even know who they really are they identify as their name or some people their car or their job so you ask what are you i'm an accountant okay so that's how a lot of people identify themselves or even as their name but they don't really know themselves and so that's one really cool thing about meditation and breath work of any kind is people it's an internal practice so you get to know yourself a lot better and so what we do is from everyone who's gone through no matter how their amount of experiences it's light years beyond any other meditation or breath or practice out there it's also difficult you have to push it it's like the gym if you go there and you're like i'll take the escalator up to the gym all right but if you're running stairs it's a little bit you know you're going to get a lot more if you take the hard route and so this is a very intense method but people get results almost how many followed just uh yeah too you know back even when we talked and coveted already i think you know have been in in a reasonably full swing but there but you know there's a bit of a lag and you're trying to figure out what you're doing and how to shift and how to navigate and you know kind of how to pivot and so you know kind of a follow-up question to something you hit on was as you guys were i guess first question is you know when did you come to the realization you had the pivot and then how did you land on kind of how were we going to pivot in other words go online and offer those classes because you know in theory you're looking back and can be one oh yeah go online figure it out offer classes and yet you know looking back you can sometimes be easy but on the other hand you're saying this is how we've been doing it since the business has started and this is how you know everybody does it and how do we adjust and how we pivot so a little bit of insight as to how you guys first recognize need to pivot and then how you figured out what to pivot and how that worked out okay wonderful questions so when we first recognized that we needed to pivot was uh something that i i was like we need to do this now and that was in early october of 2020 because of the lockdowns or the guidance for the state of utah we couldn't really bring new people in because we weren't allowed to have even more than 10 people in an 8 000 square foot building and so our attrition rate was high and people did not really like learning martial arts online and you know that's if kids are kids let's be let's be honest so we'd be sitting there teaching a martial arts class and see kids you know eating their sandwiches and playing and like being mean to their siblings somewhere like uh so it wasn't the same as an in class in person environment so we made that decision that we were going to pivot just to doing vibe revision and offering some online courses of the breath work which had never been released like in human history never released in a digital format for people to go and enjoy it would have always had to have been anderson either here in utah or if you're indonesian and you were in indonesia you could learn it there but still to the state they don't train non-indonesians there so our mission devon our mission was not to train a few people in utah our mission was to revolutionize human consciousness and our ability to perceive as we understand it that's always been our mission and so yeah follow-up question too because i mean that's everybody was looking to pivot to online or especially in-person things and you know if you were traditionally in that way but there's a difference between recognizing that you need to go online and actually having a successful business i'm sure you guys are my guess is you weren't the only people that had had a martial art studio at one point and were saying this yeah but as i think we talked a little bit about the before the podcast a lot of them didn't make this shift transition very no transition shifted successfully a lot of them in their closing doors are coming figured out so how did you guys kind of figure that out as to what that model would be or how you can make a success of it okay so first of all i just want to say thank you to the federal government for the ppp programs to help us to help tied us over we're one of those fortunate businesses that had some financial assistance from the stimulus packages and so that really helped us as well so as the number of martial arts students went down the increase in interest in vibration kept going up and so finally i read i read a book called the one thing now many of your listeners or viewers out there may be familiar with the one thing and there's also another book by adam markell or markle who called pivot when i read both of those they inspired me that you know our mission has always been vibration that was the original mission so we need to go back to that because that's the way that all circumstances are pointing us as that's what we need to do because that's where we're getting our increase in interest martial arts is waning and that's just the situation so when it came down to it when push came to shove so to speak we made that decision that we were going to take we were going to start offering some online training because of the success that we had been having on webinars when we would teach and i i this may have been after our first podcast devin but my brother mike and i my brother mike is the chief trainer for vibravision i'm the ceo we did a webinar with about 150 people on there for breath work and there was a lady on there who had a nasal cannula in an oxygen tank and so we did a about a 15 minute intro to a certain breath work breath hold pattern in a certain body moving movement pattern and after then we just did it for like three minutes and at the end this lady was sobbing and my brother mike asked what what's wrong she said i've had long covered since april i haven't been able to breathe without my oxygen tank and my doctors don't know if i'll ever get better and this is the first time in nine months that i've been able to breathe right and that's something after three minutes steven it helped her that much it's that's how revolutionary this is it reforms people's lives in minutes and so we just went you know what if we could do that in three minutes we really need i mean it's i mean people are dying from this respiratory disease and we have something that can help people strengthen their respiratory system we need to release some of it so some that over in indonesia is pretty common knowledge so let's release this for the public and also educate them on the dangers of improper breathing because a lot of people don't know this that improper breathing and we are the only animal on the planet that does not have a correct way of breathing for their health we breathe actually very we cause over 200 diseases are caused or 200 different health conditions are caused by improper breath and one in eight people according to the world health organization one in eight people will die from air pollution related disease one in eight because that's just where we're at you know as far as our environment now so to educate people on the importance of proper breath and how to breathe properly because their breathing is not breathing it's like running is not skipping is not walking it's not crawling it's not speed walking is there's a lot of differences in how we can motivate or move our body there are a lot of ways that we can breathe too and some are better for us than others so having programs that can teach people how to do that properly and notice an immediate difference in their health and in their energy in their clarity but then teaching them also in a more advanced program how to build their internal energy and feel it like actually feel this energy that makes us up that is us well there are a lot of people who are interested in that and we have other programs we're going to be releasing so we did it for a benevolent purpose but also to help our business survive and then with the immersions the immersion events here in utah those are high like upscale events where we have people coming from all over the nation in canada as well to learn this and we have had a 100 mind-blown rate 100 of people that come through notice a difference in their whole life from then on out so one question because i intended to follow up on all of that that we talked a little bit again before the podcast was you know there's a couple ways that you can kind of pivot and shift to online one is to do you know one-to-many or you can do one-to-one right one-to-many is that you have a large you know whether it's a webinar or seminar you have multiple people you having almost a class online so to speak where everybody can kind of go through the class together and you can all and you know one-to-one is basically what it sounds like where you have you know one-to-one where you had specific training or a specific conversation and you have a much more intimate setting so as you guys were shifting and you guys continue to shift and off you know say okay we're moving online we're going to do the you offer these classes do we need to make that thank you for the government for tidying us over for you know helping out small businesses for a period of time and as you're kind of shifting through that did you kind of gravitate to both you won or kind of how did you figure out if it's more of a one that we can teach you know people um you know via the internet in maths or via training videos or does it need to be one-to-one specific yeah that's great so neither it's not one-to-many and it's not one-to-one these are evergreen courses that people purchase them they can go through and watch over and over again because it's not necessarily us for these programs it's not a one-on-one requirement it's that you do them with proper alignment proper movement proper breath hold proper intention and when you do that you will have an amazing result amazing result as long as you have a body if you don't have a body i can't help you but if you have a body you process socks you need carbon dioxide to release that oxygen and you're able to really envision yourself being healthy powerful strong energized it's you do it right it's gonna work so that's where we're at right now but we do offer zoom classes for our more advanced students so that they can come on and we can train them but the vibravision method is such a precise method it's you know there's a lot of breath work out there and it's like let's just hyperventilate until we get high that's pretty much what it is this is not that this is based on hypoxia so breath holding has been shown to eliminate certain kinds of cancer i mean the nobel prize in physiology and medicine was one two years ago on the health effects of hypoxia or low oxygen environment so we're actually doing something the exact opposite of most breath work that you'll see out there it just has to be done in the right way and it is more strenuous and it must be you know um yeah do it right or you won't get the same result so we have the evergreen model right at this point but we have not done as well with the evergreen model as we have with our immersions but that's about to change because we realize that we've had some inconsistency in congruency in our branding and with you know we had a certain firm working on our website and now we're bringing in other people who are branding experts who can help that with the seo with the branding with the look with the functionality uh with the speed of the website with everything that needs to really take this into a 21st century of well a modern day right now functional website we've got the new people starting to work on that next week so things are really going to change that way as far as our public presence but i mean we have almost 200 videos on youtube that people can go and they can learn our story and they can see the most amazing demonstrations of conscious mobility that you just won't find anywhere else there are some other people in the world that teach this blindfolded skill but they teach it a different method a different way and most almost all of them only teach people 12 and under so for you and i that's not an option um but for us we trained you know we just had people that were in their 60s in our workshop that ended just a couple days ago yeah no i think that's kind of fun to catch up see a little bit you know kind of how you got to navigate how you adjust how you figure things out it definitely makes sense i mean i think that the different models and the different ways that you can reach people having some evergreen content and having some ability for as people advance and they go kind of beyond that evergreen content to kind of have that one-on-one ability or to have more intimate setting definitely makes sense so now as you were kind of again almost no we've kind of caught up to where you've been you know the last six months seven months for what you've been doing and what you've learned um you know if you now kind of look again out to that next six to 12 months and kind of where you things see things now headed wherever that or where do you think things will take you whoa okay uh to the moon not back just to the moon we're already on that um the line we've already launched so yeah what we would like to do is we would like to be able to help at least in six months with this new um advertising and web team i would like to be able to help at least 10 000 people learn the different uh breath work techniques that we have in our evergreen course we're averaging between 25 and 30 people per immersion so we have one two three four five six seven more immersions coming up in the next six months so i would like to help a minimum of 200 people through our immersion process because that's the real deep dive where people i mean they they walk out a different human being than they came in everybody does and so yeah that's really what we're looking to do is really maximize our reach and our impact in people's lives who want to actually learn like i have a superpower i want to become superhuman i want to become more and use this in their daily life because you know it's neat to put on a blindfold and walk through a course and be able to sense everything around you but that's for a blind person that's the most amazing thing ever right that's a a new way of seeing in the world but for you and i who have eyesight the majority of people who come to us are there they see the value of that but they don't see the value of being able to you know that's not the reason they would pay thousands of dollars to come learn from us so they can walk through a obstacle course blindfolded it's when they turn around and they are asking their intuition about a business decision or which way to turn on a road or how to relate to and connect with their spouse or their children or people at work or how to stay in a good situation and out of a bad situation based upon what your intuition tells you and having that be a reliable function of your psyche rather than hit or miss or i'm making it up so that's the majority of people come to us now for that well it sounds like a lot of uh a lot of exciting opportunities a lot of great goals to work towards in the future so now as we wrap up and you know always always fun to catch up and always more things i'm sure we could uh chat about because we're at the end of the podcast you know i always shift a little bit for my normal two questions i asked for the original episode two for the where are you at now because as you get further into business you also you always find out a little bit more what do you fear what keeps you up at night what are you thinking about what is the worry of what are the concerns and kind of what are you going to do with next sure with that or a question i was asked on this episode is what is you know how's it related to business your startup small business as a founder co-founder what is your biggest fear and what error how do you deal with it okay so that's i love that question and the biggest failure as far as one to me right now is i've never had this issue before devin of having too many people want what we have and not being able to service them all and that's you know we're we're right there as far as our we're doing really well we're doing really well but with what's about to happen as far as our advertising and marketing is concerned it's about to get a lot more um a lot more and so how am i handling that um hiring virtual assistants is one to help out my admissions team i am actively looking for a ceo who can help like our project manager who can help us as far as our different divisions and keep track of everyone and also a cfo somebody help us really be able to navigate and plan for the success that is coming in is actually at our doorstep and walking through our door right now so i would say the fear is not being able i want to always over deliver and the fear that i won't be able to do that how i'm handling it is i'm actively looking for the right people to help me do that because i know i can't do it all myself and my team can't do it all ourselves and so we're on the uh we're on the hunt for the right people that's awesome that's definitely a place to be and you know it is one where you know it's always one of those well that's a good problem to have you know you're growing and you're expanding and yet if you want to say hey we want to keep the same level of uh you know quality we want to help as many people we don't you know we want to make sure we're not just focusing only on the money and you know getting the income but we want to actually accomplish our mission then as you grow it is a fear of how we're going to grow not just grow but grow right or grow correctly such that we can continue to offer that so i think that's definitely a fear that uh certainly understand and one that uh as you grow as any business you have to figure that out so definitely i wish you the best of luck on the on on that as well as your business so now wrap up if people want to they you know want to find out more about you they want to again be a client they want to be a customer they want to be an employee they want to be an investor they want to be your next best friend any or all of the above what's the best way to reach out contact you find out more for sure so visiting our website at vibravision.com is the best way to find out what's coming up next and also to see the changes that are going to be taking place with our digital platform the platforms and then also we have a free gift at the bottom of our any of our website pages people can put their name phone number and email in there and get a free workout to actually be able to feel what we do and actually experience it it's the same exercise that the lady i was telling you about who has long covered that helped her breathe right again it's the exact same work and so people do it they feel a difference and then a lot of the time they'll either want to apply for an immersion which is very selective and you can do so right on that website you can fill out the survey but then also a lot of people are not able to travel to utah or they may not have the financial means to come for a full five-day immersion but we do have a couple options the first one is our breath awareness mastery course and that is you can find that at fibrevision.academy and on our vibrovision.academy site we have our breath awareness mastery course which helps people understand their breath and get better at breathing properly and avoiding those bad health conditions that come from improper breathing but then also we have our energy expansion program and this one is just imagine putting a jet engine with a supercharger on your lungs for your lung function your supercharge your immune system being able to feel your energy and be like if you remember at the end of the matrix where neo goes into agent smith and blows them apart and then he just goes and the walls go whoa it's it's a really cool special effect so next time you watch it i know that's an old movie but that's what you feel like every time you do this for five minutes a day you feel like you're like bending space and time you are extremely powerful and it takes five to ten minutes a day and it's amazing what it does for people and that's our energy expansion program awesome so i definitely encourage people check out the website check out the free content check out the program definitely also if they're looking to support or to otherwise get engaged definitely make sure to reach out to them but thank you again nate it's been a fun it's been a pleasure now for all of you the listeners if you have your own journey to tell or you've been a previously guest on the show and you want to tell us where you're at now feel free to go to inventiveguest.com and apply to be on the show we'd love to have you two more things as a listener one make sure to click subscribe in your podcast please you know when all of our awesome episodes come out until you leave us a review so other people can find out all of our awesome episodes and last but not least if you ever have uh or need help with patents trademarks or anything else in your business feel free to go to strategymeeting.com we're always here to help thank you again nate and wish the next lady of your journey even better than the last thank you so much devin everybody have a great afternoon and yeah appreciate you thanks so much

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