Know Why You Are Starting

Know Why You Are Starting

Know Why You Are Starting

Orly Wahba
Devin Miller
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Know Why You Are Starting

There are going to be difficult times ahead when you start something. You're going to sometimes want to throw in the towel. Lots of financial hardships that I went through and a lot of discouragement from people around you. The only way you are going to be able to make it through is to really know your why and to recognize that if other people are out there discouraging you, it does not mean that they don't believe in you it just means they don't believe enough in themselves. If they don't believe in themselves, how can they possibly believe in you? So that's a key component.


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because they're going to be difficult times ahead when you start something you're going to want to sometimes throw in the towel you know lots of financial hardships that i went through you know a lot of discouragement from people that are around you and the only way that you're going to be able to make it through it's going to be now 10 years i've been working on the organization the only way is to really know your why and to recognize that if other people are out there discouraging you it does not mean that they don't believe in you it just means that they don't believe enough in themselves and if they don't believe in themselves how can they possibly believe in you so it's that's that that's like a key component [Music] hey everyone this is devin miller here with another episode of the inventive journey i'm your host devin miller the serial entrepreneur that's grown several startups into seven and eight figure businesses as well as a founder and ceo of miller ip law where he helps startups and small businesses with their patents trademarks and their businesses and if you ever need help with yours feel free to go to and grab some time with us to chat now today we have another great guest on the podcast and i'm worried i'm going to mess up her name or lee waba is that close you did it you got it right you got it right that's not an easy one you had a hard one over there all right so this is a as a quick introduction so um orly runs or has a few different companies that she runs uh but kind of backing up as a as a kid growing up kind of always dreamed of uh changing the world a bit um kind of experienced a bit of a tragedy during high school with the family or with the a home fire and the family having to move around a bit and then went into i think teaching for a few years or seven or eight years um inspiring students to um make the lead pursue their dreams and that and then jumped over a bit to film production worked on a film reached over i think a hundred million views or something that not maybe you'll correct me if i get it wrong and then developed an international fan base learned a lot of the had to learn a lot of aspects or every aspect of the business and then is uh led her to developing a mobile app and a couple additional businesses that she's running today and also talks a lot about kindness and other things that people should consider in their life so with that much as an introduction welcome on the podcast thank you so much devin it's really an honor to be here i really appreciate it absolutely so i gave the the the quick 30 30 second run through of a much longer journey so let's uh take a bit bit a bit back and tell us a little about growing up and always wanting to change the world and kind of how you got to where you're at today 100 so like you said i was a middle school teacher for seven incredible years i loved teaching it was the best time of my life to be honest and um you know the concepts of of kindness compassion empathy these were things i was implementing onto my classroom on a daily basis and i saw the impact that it had on my students and it was actually my students that were the ones that really gave me the courage that extra push i needed to sort of take that message that i was very much bringing into the classroom and bring it out there to the world and back in 2011 left my job teaching and i started just to dive in really quick so got into teaching so i assumed that you got a teaching degree graduated from college before that is that right well i'll tell you so i actually my story of how i became teachers a little bit is not a conventional story i'm happy to share but it was not a conventional story i actually went we lost an unconventional story so let's hear it okay it's pretty crazy so i went to college for film production in english and um right after i graduated uh college my film had won the the audience award at the you know at the my end of the year production class and it opened up some doors for me i was planning the following year to work on a feature film and i remember when i had won that award i remember that night i proclaimed i said out loud i want to make a film that's going to reach the world and then i want to go into teaching i love kids i always love kids and you know being involved in film my family was like what are you doing what are you going where are you going with your life and film what do you think you can actually you know make of this bottom line is i also so like i said i loved teaching i got asked to be the uh the um coach of the basketball team of the middle school and you'll see how this all connects and i said okay this is amazing it's a great foot in the door i love basketball i love sports and i'll already be in the school and perhaps it can lead to something more and i put my name down to be a substitute teacher for for math because i i met my entered in math and i said i'm gonna you know be a substitute teacher i'll make i'll be able to make some money on the side and i'm gonna work on this this you know feature film over my first year graduating from college turns out that in september the very beginning of the year on my birthday out of all days i got a phone call from the secretary of the middle school and she said uh hi orderly we see your name is on our list how would you like to teach six classes for sixth seventh and eighth grade six different preps and i said wait what what happened was my cousin who was 13 years old at the time was in the office and the principal was talking about who's saying oh my goodness i'm going to do there's a teacher going on maternity leave what am i supposed to do and so my cousin says hey why don't you call my cousin orly i was always tutoring i was tutoring throughout my years of uh you know of college middle age middle school kids then high school kids and so i said i got to take this opportunity i was scared out of my mind i was 21 years old okay and these kids are 13 and i'm coming in to teach and i i didn't get my degree in education it was extremely extremely nerve-wracking and i worked walked into this one question so this is a curiosity so you know was it when they said hey why don't we why don't you come work was that basically was it an offer for a full-time job was that like no no no no it wasn't at all it was a substitute teacher for six weeks because the teacher was on maternity leave oh okay somebody to be able to take over those six classes and i came in and i loved it i fell in love with it fell in love with the kids and they were they were learning during this time generally when you have a substitute teacher you're really not learning you know what i'm saying you know you're joking around and so on and so forth and after those six weeks every teacher that was absent would want wanted me to be their sub because they knew they saw that the kids were learning and there was a teacher that was gone for she was supposed to be gone for two weeks it turned into four months and i was doing everything from report cards to you know parent teachers the whole you know the whole shebang and that took me all the way up until april and in april the school offered me a full-time job to teach the following year and to direct the the theater productions in the school because i had a background in theater i was directing theater and i always loved it and so that's how that's how it came about the most random craziest thing i mean to me it really shows that you never know where opportunity is going to come from and it's important to be open and to be able to say to say yes even if you're scared i was so super nervous and it ended up being it really just fit me i feel like teachers yes you know teachers go to school to learn how to teach but i really do believe that it's very very much inborn you have to you have to love kids and you have to you have to have that in you and it was very very much in me so it turned out that i ended up teaching for seven years and then i ended up making the film that uh that reached the world it happened exactly opposite but it was really incredible so did you have to when you now got into teaching do you have to go back for your teaching degree the degrees you already had qualify you i don't know any of that so i'll just curious it's a great question so no no it's a great question i happen to be teaching in a private school so it's a little bit different than if you're teaching in a public school but i did go for my master's while i was teaching and i got my master's um during my during my years teaching and uh yeah and that was basically it so you go get your master's you teach for seven you know for seven years have a find it it's enjoyable you have a blast and that you know it's certainly rewarding then how did you then get back to okay now i've er or i'm going to get back into the film industry or make another film you know what was that push or how did you make that transition so i tell you it was super scary i mean so many things in my life it was always you know you get you have to constantly put yourself out of your comfort zone that's what i always say because great things happen when you're outside of your comfort zone and like i said you know these concepts of kindness compassion empathy these were things i was really implementing into my classroom it wasn't just about teaching the facts and figures you know being able to it was really about talking about life we were talking about real important topics in class and developing character and values and so i was constantly looking for ways to empower my students to recognize the value within themselves and one of the greatest tools that could be utilized to help a person recognize their value is kindness so we engaged in many different activities with them you're utilizing kindness and and then it was my summer from teaching and you have some results from teaching and i said you know what i want to be able to show people the ability that kindness has to go from one person to the next that amazing just fluid motion that when you you know when you do something kind for somebody you sort of supercharge them and then they go ahead and they super charge another and so on and so forth and i started writing out these experiences you know that i've went through in my life these little moments that left an impression on me and a script came about and i said you know what i have a background film production i missed film like crazy i got to do this but it had been seven years since i had done films so i was scared out of my mind everyone around me was telling me that i'm nuts what are you doing you're wasting your money you thinking make a difference who do you think you're going to reach but i felt it very much in my heart i knew i had to do this and so i went through i actually reached out to to uh you know kids that i went to college with that were my dp and so on and so forth and i like reconnected with them and we created this film it was a super scary experience because i didn't know what was going to come from it and i invested a lot in it this was before i really officially had the non-profit organization you know i already had the name i knew that it was going to be called life s inside yeah you would go ahead go ahead no so so you have the idea i want to you know i first of all i have the summers off i you know have this idea i want to teach a student's kindness and everything else so you know was it the idea okay i'm going to go create a film because my experience in granted is very limited experience so you know as you know you'd have to have a production team or you'd have to have a crew or you'd have to have money to fill or do the film and you have to do editing and you have to do sound design all which i have no idea how you do but i just hear you know you hear all the buzzwords so when you decided hey i'm going to go do this film was it going to be kind of a one-man band kind of one-woman band kind of a thing or is it going to be hey i have a network of friends i'm going to do it or i've got funding or i'm going to how did you kind of go about actually making a great question really great question so the first thing i did was i wrote the script i came up with the idea and then once i came up with the idea i sort of perfected the script at the same time uh i knew that i was going to be funding it myself personally you know from my savings that i had from teaching i knew that i was going to be doing it i wasn't going to ask anybody for you know for money for me it's always like okay i got to put my all into something i want to show that it's something and then afterwards i can go to other people and say hey you know look what i'm you know look what i'm up to do you want to get involved so i said i'm doing this and wrote the script and i reached out to one of my friends from from college that was a dp on on my qualifying film that i did uh you know back back then and i said look here's my idea here's my script this is what i want to do i wrote down like i created my shot list of you know how i wanted it to be and we started connecting together and found i found the location that was that was a really key component and i said how cool would it be if each and every one of these acts of kindness lead from one to the next without any cuts no cutting i want to show this fluidity of kindness and so we found the script i went ahead i took a camera i have the pictures it's funny i stumbled on the pictures about a year ago the pictures that i took of these different angles on that same street of how i would film this like how it would actually be filmed and i put it out on a storyboard and this is how it's going to look and this is how i want the you know the connection to be and then the next step was finding a crew right i needed a crew so my you know my friend who was basically became sort of was the you know the dp of my production he connected me with a few people one person connecting with another and i started just getting on on the call on the phone you know to find who's going to be my steadicam operator that's going to be holding the camera so it's not going to be all who's going to be my you know for example who's going to be some of my pas my pa assistants or whatever i knew that there wasn't going to be any sound which was really great and there was lots of there were lots of props also that were needed for for this film some really pretty expensive props you know the kind of camera that i was going to use i had to go through all of these steps of production so you know that's how you see it so that sounds reasonably expensive for a lot of crew a lot of people a lot of things i how do you know how do you go about affording that teachers are well known for making an exorbitant amount of money that they're rolling in the dough so to speak so how did you go about kind of figuring out how to afford that how to produce it how to manage it and how to make her produce it great question i mean i did the best that could especially when speaking to those that i was uh on boarding letting them know what the real purpose of this film is and that this is part of this non-profit that i'm looking to create and uh you know so there were a lot of people that were willing to lend their services uh for free because they were excited about the project for example even the actors that were in it they weren't getting paid to act in the film you know they were you know they're you know the transportation was covered you know craft services are covered but i i had to try my best speaking to each and every person to let them know the situation that i'm in i personally even though i was a teacher and yes you're right teachers don't exactly make a lot of money then far from it but i was always a saver i was always saving you know what i'm saying so i had i had my savings and i said to myself i know that this is something i meant to do i'm not gonna i'm not gonna allow fear to get the best of me now i have to say because this is important and my situation would have been different otherwise i was living with my parents at the time right so i didn't have to worry about and look that's something that really does come into play i don't have to worry about rent or utilities and things like that and so i was able to at least say okay i'm gonna do this i'm gonna put this money into this it was about twenty thousand dollars that i invested into this film okay which is which is a nice chunk of money but i knew that i knew i had to do this and i didn't know where it was gonna go i didn't know how i was going to reach people i honestly didn't but i did my best to keep costs down to whatever as low as they possibly can be and that takes time because you have to really get on calls you have to talk to people and try to see how you can uh how you can maneuver and making sure that you're budgeting properly and so on and so forth that was really important putting together what the budget was going to be you know uh and then we held you know we held auditions we had about two days that we all met together as a crew and i probably would say that the most important thing and everything i did for this film the most important thing was something that i stayed up all night to do and i wasn't intending to do it i said i need to write a one-liner was going to mostly be a one-liner couple line analysis description a character description for every character that's in this film now this film is five minutes okay no character is on the the screen for longer than i don't know 15 seconds okay and it was supposed to be just a short description so that the actors will understand who they are playing because like i told you earlier every single film in this in every single scene in this film is based on real life experiences i went through and i started writing down the backstories of these characters and i ended up spending staying up the entire night i remember crying so much that night because with each and every character that i was writing their backstory what was started at was one line turned out to be a page for each and every character and there was a piece of me in every one of those people and building up who they're about what their backstory is who are they where are they from so it was a very emotional experience and to be honest i really do believe that the emotion that was put into that was the key behind this entire film because when i was working with the actors and that's the thing i love doing the most it's about making sure they understand who it is that they're playing yeah they're on the screen for whatever 15 seconds but who are you what is your background what happened before today that puts you here in this place that that act of kindness that small thing that somebody did for you that you even do for somebody else really means more than anything you know what what is behind what we see on the film to me i think that was the most valuable time i could have possibly spent to doing something uh and there were so many issues that came up during the day of the film also it was an intense intense day i'm sure it was and i'm sure that it was fun and exciting a lot of work and culmination of a lot of things and also scary and horrifying that hopefully it goes off because you know you're not like a big production that you can just do multiple takes and multiple rounds and end less funding until you get it right so i think that that's cool that you did that so so now you did that you make the film you know and i think it's called kindness boomerang is that right you're correct yes all right so you do the you do the kindness boomerang and it goes a bit viral and you know i think i think if i remember right it had over 100 million views to it oh yeah well well over that i mean it's been posted in so many different places with hundreds and millions of views in some locations it's pretty intense so and you do that and so you know and i think first of all that's awesome hey we're setting out to show the the kindness matters and how to be kind and the impact it can have and then it gets picked up and goes viral and all that effort and time and energy that goes into it now to do that was that kind of how did that play were you i backing up were you still a teacher at the time meaning hey we did this over the summer i'm still doing the teaching job or did you you know and how did you transition or how did that affect going forward as it got built as a successor saying hey i've got a bigger mission here i want to reach out to people i'm still going to be a teacher i'm going to juggle both of them or how did you kind of move forward as a kind of gain momentum so it's a great question so i actually i filmed kindness boomerang september 1st 2010. now what people don't know is that i didn't actually show it to not a single person until october of 2011. because right after i filmed it september 1st 2010 the following week i was back in school teaching right and it was when i got back that that that that little kid inside of me that dream of changing the world that we were talking about earlier started dreaming again and started dreaming way big and i said look orderly if you believe in this enough then you've got to go all in you you're not going to be able to juggle teaching and this because i'm not a punch-in punch-out teacher i was the teacher that was there 24-7 with the kids they called me up whenever like i was just it was just it was completely all-encompassing so in december of 2010 i went into the principal's office and i did something that nobody thought i'd ever do because i was like that forever teacher i was you know like the crazy teacher that all the kids loved and i and i love them and i said look i think i got to take the next year off and he was like wait what what are you talking about where is it coming from i said i i'm looking to take one year off i want i i i need i need to take this year for myself i'm going to see what happens i had full intention of coming back to teaching i really did uh and then over the course of that year from 2010 into the 2011 that year that i was still teaching i started working on the basically getting all of the non-profit paperwork in place so you know getting it registered as a 501c3 you know writing down my mission statement my you know my logo all that kind of stuff i started getting all of that ready over that year while i was still teaching and then in september 2011 i was not teaching i was no longer in school and a month later is when i posted the film up online i i wasn't gonna even post it up at the time because i'm like i'm a super perfectionist i was like i need my website my goodness i feel like i'm working on so long it's still not here now i realize like i laugh at myself i'm like you know things don't happen with a snap of a finger you know it takes some time well i thought at the time wow it's taking so long meanwhile i look back now i really laugh at my stuff but i said look i'm going to put this film up online i don't know how it's going to reach people who it's going to reach i had a youtube channel i didn't have a website yet and i uploaded it and i did to be very honest i didn't do any marketing for it that's the honest truth i didn't even know like you know going viral was even a new term that was coined at the time like that was very very new still 2011 you know and within a couple of months the film went viral and i was thrown into this whirlwind i was planning for that 2011-2012 year i was planning to take that time to really you know develop the foundations of the organization and suddenly i couldn't i was thrown into this whirlwind of like people messaging me from all over and being on the media and getting awards and i didn't know what was happening and all i had was my youtube channel so all i would one of the biggest things i did the area where i invested the most time who was just responding to people on youtube answering every comment there were thousands of comments coming in a day every single comment and developing i didn't realize at the time but developing these real relationships with people which really led to my first you know to my next really big success within the organization and that came just later that year you know i had i knew where i was planning to go i knew the philosophy of the organization i knew how i was looking to create impact it was through inspirational media like film through education through technology and through on the ground social engagement through events and so i knew that i was going in that direction but suddenly you know there was so much being thrown at me it was so difficult to build the more the foundational aspects and in may of that year right after the film went viral i had a i had a dream i know it sounds crazy but i had a dream about this crazy event and i woke up and i'm like i gotta do this and in my dream there are like thousands of people standing in front of the u.n from all different countries holding their flag of their country and on the other side of it it had the motto of life vest inside by living kindly change is possible and thousands of people were gathered together singing and dancing in unison and i woke up and i said i gotta do this i gotta do this because when people come together in song and dance suddenly the differences that we have fade away and we recognize that you know what at the end of the day we have a commonality that exists amongst all of us and that's kindness and that's when the concept and the idea for the first worldwide dance for kindness came in to be i found that there was something called world kindness day which no one had any clue about and i said my goal is to make world kindness day become known and i'm going to create the largest global flash mob that's gonna happen on that day run by volunteers to the same song same dance happening on the same day with kindness activities happening around the world but again i had no background in dance and flash mobs how am i supposed to do this and how am i supposed to get other people to join me so i decided well if i'm going to teach right because again in my essence as a teacher if you're going to teach something you need to know how to do it first yourself and then you could create a model and so in june i created a flash mob in new york city in times square just with members from my community about 70 80 people and i learned how to organize this and by learning i then wrote a little handbook and i reached out to people up on facebook i didn't i still didn't have a website at the time and i said hey this is what i'm planning to do for a world kindness day who who's crazy enough to join me and 30 people sort of raise their hands from 15 countries around the world and i met with each and every one of them and these people were people that i had answered on youtube that i developed these friendships and suddenly we created an amazing amazing movement um that now has turned into over being in over 65 countries around the world so now so you've done all that so you've done the videos flash mobs or you know kindness stance you've uh you've worked on a whole lot of different aspects and you know kind of pulling it forward now to today now looking at the kind of the next six to 12 months kind of where do you see things going where's the movement headed and what it's kind of in the works or the plans or plans for the next or next aspect of it sure well i'll tell you i mean over this past year of of kovid it's actually opened up um a stranger there is a lot of opportunity to really engage digitally well we are always engaging digitally with our fan base but over this year we've been working on loads of digital video digital collaborations which have been incredible each and every one has been really amazing and so i'm creating an entire new series of digital video collaborations global collaborations which is very exciting and more than that developing out the educational wing of life fest inside so we have an educational curriculum that really brings kindness compassion empathy into the classroom and um developing that and providing that to schools uh throughout the us or in various locations around the world so that's definitely been a very exciting venture and we also over the year created our kindness challenge which is sort of a platform that uh provides various kindness challenges that you can do from just the privacy of your own home to engage with the world in kindness and you gain kindness points and kindness badges and then you you unlock the next challenges and so on and so forth one of the fun things that we started doing um and we just actually implemented this we're going into our second month now this past year our dance for kindness event our global event which is also a leadership training program and it's in its core it's developed into something much more than just an event um what i mean by that is our the purpose of this event really the core of it is a leadership training program that teaches people from around the world that sign up to become group leaders to become volunteers to learn how to take any idea that they have to create impact in the world any big idea and break it down into its steps because lots of people have dreams but not all people know how to take those dreams and make them become actualized and the big process the big step the learning thing that the learning curve that has to happen there is understanding how to dream big but how to think small how to break it into its parts and that's really what we've done with uh with our dance for kindness leadership training program is teaching people how to take any idea they have and break it into its parts and make it come into fruition and even if they don't have a dollar to their name and so this year the problem was is that we didn't you know nobody was connecting physically we were all doing things digitally and so we ended up putting together an incredible digital event and as a result of it deciding hey you know we don't have to wait once a year to do this event might as well get gathered together on a monthly basis so we start we launched something called the monthly dance party where we where um we opened it up to people to join us once a month we do a different dance every single month and the idea of dance is that dance brings together community it also it helps to to you know to bridge the gaps between people but more than that it gives us an opportunity after we go through this dance we connect together people share their stories um their backgrounds because the whole key is that education is the key to tolerance so when people get to learn about one another suddenly they see wow you know what there's a lot more commonality and then together on this monthly dance party we engage in acts of kindness in real time and then share about what that experience was like so to jump in and just because or for a matter of time just because we have or we always have our last two questions i want to make sure we have enough time to dump those i think that will be interesting along the journey i that's a you know a lot a really great mission a lot of where you guys are heading it's it'll be fun to see continuing ongoing effort because i think that something that that world definitely needs is more kindness now as a as in order to keep it within our 30 minutes so that uh people don't uh don't nod off or they don't tune out because i want to make sure that they know to have how to find out more and where to go because i think it's a great cause maybe we'll jump to the last two questions i always ask which is the first question is is along your journey what was the worst business decision you ever made and what did you learn from it ah the worst business decision ever made i would say happened in the very very very start because again i was starting off i was a teacher i didn't have a background non-profit and have no background in in business at all and um i was advised by certain people but sometimes we make we need to make those mistakes ourselves uh the biggest the biggest you know the worst decision i made was not really focusing in the very beginning on the business plan and the structure forward for the entity because there was so much happening so much coming at me um and suddenly this organization that nobody knew anything about because of this film just sort of like jetted it upward but the problem was that you if you don't build the foundations properly the building isn't going to be able to be as strong as it can be and i feel like that was definitely one of my biggest mistakes i needed to take more time to develop really the business thought behind the entity to really create what that revenue stream of the entity was going to be um and to and to go after to looking at going out for funding that was not necessarily easy for me i was used to okay if i want to do something i'm going to fund it myself but you can only do that for so much time especially since i wasn't taking a salary i hadn't taken a salary from life vest inside from the beginning all i had to really fund this was my teachers savings that i had for all those years and i wish that i was a bit smarter in that regard and that i i actually sought out people that know how to build business in the proper way and gain more of that advice and take the time not be so quick to want to like i need to get it up and running you know really take the time the pre-production time as i say no and i think that that's a good point i think that one is identifying you know other areas or aspects of people to bring on but and then doing that a bit that planning because i think that that's kind of a a lot of entrepreneurs and myself included as you have a great idea something that's going to be excited about things has a lot of opportunity a lot of things to do and it can have a big impact you just want to dive in and get going and yet if you sometimes jump over that planning phase and that planning stage you're now going to miss some of the critical aspects of the business because 100 you don't take you don't factor those into account when you're when you're doing things so now we jump to the second question which is if you now just type or talking to somebody that's just getting into a startup or small business would be the one piece of advice you give them i would say the most important thing is to really know your why and i always say that if you know your why your how is going to find its way towards you because if you don't know your why if it's not deeply connected my why is deeply connected to me because of experiences that i went through my adolescent ears after going through a very severe depression after there was a fire in my home and we were moving around for six years it was a very very very difficult time in my life where i was very very i was this close to giving up on myself and i made a promise to myself at 15 to be there for people the way i wish somebody would have been there for me and to see people the way i wish somebody would have seen me and it was that why that led me to teaching it's that why it led me to life vests inside and it's that why that pushed me forward even when i wanted to throw in the towel because they're going to be difficult times ahead when you start something you're going to want to sometimes throw in the towel you know lots of financial hardships that i went through you know a lot of discouragement from people that are around you and the only way that you're going to be able to make it through it's going to be now 10 years i've been working on the organization the only way is to really know your why and to recognize that if other people are out there discouraging you it does not mean that they don't believe in you it just means that they don't believe enough in themselves and if they don't believe in themselves how can they possibly believe in you so it's a that's that that's like a key component no i love that because you know what's it and it's interesting so i've done i did just an episode recently it might have been the one just before this one um and the same i got a similar answer and they were talking about one of the great books that i love is by simon sinek and it's you know starting with why um and i think that that's a you know great book that kind of highlights and for people that are kind of trying to find their why and why they're doing it and the motivation and kind of answering that question i think it provides a lot of guidance so i just interesting correlation that that's been a recent answer with a lot of people because i but i think it definitely makes sense well as people want to reach out to you they want to find out more about your all of your things you have going on support your cause helps to share kindness they want to be a supporter they want to be an investor they want to help with the next project they want to be your next best friend any all the above what's best best way to reach out or find out more well best way would be to go to the website it's and there you'll be able to go to see all of the different initiatives we have separate websites for some of the initiatives because they become much bigger on their own but from life you'll be able to go to everything and you can also check us out on our social media channels i would definitely recommend uh subscribing to the youtube channel we put up videos there once a week um and you can always email me of course orly orly at i answer all my emails awesome well i definitely encourage everybody to reach out whether it's go to the website support the cause reach out to you directly worth or certainly a lot of great causes a lot of things you have going on and i think that it the world certainly needs a lot more kindness well i appreciate you coming on the show now for all of you that are listeners if you have your own journey to tell you'd like to come on the podcast and be a guest feel free to go to and apply to be on the show and share your journey also if you're a listener one make sure to click subscribe and you're a podcast player so you know when all the awesome episodes come out and to leave us a review so new people can find out about the podcast last but not least if you ever need help with your patents or trademarks or anything else reach out to us at miller ip law by going to thank you again orly it's been a pleasure it's been fun to hear you so much wish the next leg of your journey even better than the last thank you so much it was great to speak to you

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