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You have an up coming strategy session scheduled, and I couldn't be more excited to get to know learn more about you and your business!  

Just real quick wanted to give you more information about intellectual property and working with us prior to the session. That way you'll have an idea regarding some of the language we'll be using through the meeting and also what services I offer through my firm, Miller IP Law...

WHAt is a trademark... 

If you have logo, brand name, slogan, or other graphic/phrase that refers to your brand or company...  

Then that's a Trademark. Is your mark a Word or Design?    

There are two basic categories a trade mark will fall into: 


  1. Wordmark - Word such as product name, business name, or a tagline.  
  2. Design mark - A mark with an aesthetic nature (i.e. a look and feel to the design), such as a logo, signage, etc.


What is a Patent... 

 A document which certifies the right to make, use, and sell an invention for a period of time. That simple. 

While the application process for placing a patent is not this simple, you have us to help you navigate this process. There will be two major categories of patents we'd like you to know about before our upcoming meeting: Provisional (PPA) & Non-provisional (NPA)


Provisional vs Non-Provisional Patents...


Provisional Patent... 

Patents that are issued for a single year so that the holder can delay filing a non-provisional patent.

Provisional patents are:


  • Much less formal documents. Often described as "loose" in detail and requirements.
  • Great for inventors in early stages who are still testing their design or doing additional research.
  • Less expensive intellectual property in the near-term.
  • If converted into a Non-provisional must be done so within one year of the file date.
  • Possible directions/test versions should be listed in the provisional to be filed in the conversion.
  • Often less valuable to investors than Non-Provisional Patents because of their short-term lifespan.




Non-provisional patent...   

 This is the type of patent that most people are referring to when talking about patent applications. 

A Non-provisional Patents are: 


  • Issued for the duration of 20 years. After that period the exclusive rights will expire. 
  • Applications are descriptive, and formal and must contain full details about your invention with all variations and designs. 
  • Allows you to mark your invention as patent pending
  • Valuable in the eyes of many investors. Properties often have high book value.  
  • May also showcase a founders personal grit and commitment to an investors as NPA's can are challenging to acquire.


When should I get started? 


If you have an existing work, an idea for an invention, design for a product or other type of creation that you want to share with the world a patent might be right for you. 
Additionally, if you have an existing brand, an idea for a brand, a logo, branded design feature, or other type of content which you currently or are planning to use for brand positioning you should at a minimum consider applying for a trademark.


 The further along you are with your idea the more valuable it is for you to register intellectual property, because: Intellectual property is a tool that protects you, your company, employees, and your brand from theft.

By schedualing a strategy session with us you are making a well placed step in protecting your brand from imposters and unethical copycats. We will took forward to answering further questions in your future session...


Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

Have us file an application for you to protect your work as it develops!


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Non-provisional Patent Application (NPA)

Have us file an application for you to register your protected work with the Patent Office(s) 

$5999 →

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Trademark Application 

With Miller IP Law you can file an application with the trademark office(s) to protect your mark from imposters! 

Includes: Preparing & filing trademark application (attorneys and governmental fees).

 $850 →

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